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Law Firm Bounce Rates & Avg. Time On Site Numbers

What are these metrics? Time on site refers to the length of time that a visitor spends on your website.  It can be calculated for a website as a whole which would include the time the visitor came to your site and the time they left regardless of how many pages they viewed (unless they […]

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How to Fix Outbound Links on your Website

What are Broken Links? Broken links are just links that no longer work.  These could be links with a destination page that is no longer available, they could be misconfigured or there could be some other kind of technical issue. Regardless of why the link isn’t working1, the thing to avoid with broken links is […]

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On-Site SEO for Lawyers: 301 Redirects for Law Firm Websites

What are They? As it relates to websites, a redirect is simply sending visits from one page to some other page (either on the same domain or from one domain to another).  These traffic changes often go unnoticed by the user and virtually all websites have at least a couple redirects.  Redirects have codes to […]

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On-Site SEO for Lawyers: Title Tag Best Practices for Attorneys

What are title tags? Title tags (also called page titles or just titles) are the strings of text that label a web page.  You see them in browser tabs and they also show up in other places like search engine results pages and snippets automatically generated on social media websites.  Titles (when configured correctly) give […]

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On-Site SEO for Lawyers: Optimized Images for Law Firms

What is it? Image SEO1 or image optimization refers to the tasks performed on images that enables them to help a web page in ranking for a particular keyword phrase.  Image optimization is also related to the overall performance of a page in search in terms of its load time and overall weight. Elements of […]

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On-Site SEO for Lawyers: SEO Friendly URLs for Attorneys

What Are They? Let’s hit the acronyms first.  SEF stands for Search Engine Friendly and URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.  A URL is the address where a page is found and making them SEF means making them easy for search engines to interpret.  Google has advanced a lot since its inception but the algorithm […]

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On-Site SEO for Lawyers: XML Sitemaps for Law Firms

What is A Sitemap? A site map is pretty much a compilation of URLs that are all listed out in web document.  They are typically written in a language called XML (exstensible markup language1).  Sitemaps that relate to search engines are not written for people to read but for search engines and other programs.  They […]

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On-Site SEO for Lawyers: Improving Your Law Firm’s Website Speed

Google is obsessed with page speed1.  So much so that they made it one of their ranking factors back in 2010. Page load time directly effects user experience on a lawyer’s website so it makes sense that having pages load as fast as possible is a good goal to have. What is Page Speed? Page […]

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Avoid Sociopaths and Incompetents When Hiring SEO Services

Stephen Furnari is a self-employed corporate attorney and the founder of Law Firm Suites, the operator of coworking spaces and executive suites for law firms. Through Law Firm Suites, Furnari has helped dozens of attorneys launch and grow successful law practices. He is the author of several eBooks, including “7 Deadly Mistakes that Prevent Law […]

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On-Site SEO for Lawyers: Header Tags for Attorneys

What Are Header Tags? Headings (also referred to as header tags, headers, H1’s, 2’s, and 3’s) are the short strings of text that appear above page copy. In traditional publishing they are used to introduce content that is below them and their purpose is the same for content on the internet. Headings are a common […]

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Best Free Law Firm Directories

Below is a list of some of the best free law firm directories we have found. Lawyers should be careful anytime they use a directory as a link source. Make sure the site is reputable, and remember that the fact that it’s free does not mean it is low-quality. Optimizing a site for search using free directories […]

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SEO for Law Firms – How to Choose the Right Agency

The search engine optimization profession is brand new, highly un-regulated and wrought with sham companies that make promises and don’t deliver.  It’s also a highly technical practice so lawyers don’t always know the difference between genuine professionals and fly-by-night agencies with smooth-talking sales professionals.  If you’re looking for someone to help market your site in […]

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