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At Rankings.io, our core values are positivity, responsiveness, ownership mentality, radical transparency, and grit.
We help law firms rank on the first page of Google.

Rankings.io is an SEO (search engine optimization) agency for the legal vertical. We help law firms obtain first page rankings in Google search so they can get more clients, cases, and revenue.

Since 2013, our mission has been to lead the SEO industry with transparency and integrity. We have focused our systems and processes on delivering exceptional results for law firms looking to get more leads from the internet.

We approach everything we do with these values in mind and it helps us deliver a client experience like no other.

Many of our contemporaries treat SEO as if it’s voodoo, putting a smokescreen between their work and the clients on whose behalf they’re working… but Rankings.io is different.

See Exactly Where Your SEO Investment is Going

We provide what we call “radical transparency,” the idea that we should disclose all of our results, both the successes and the shortcomings. We want our clients to know exactly what we’re doing every month, because we believe the most important thing to earn from our clients is their trust.

Using The Attorney Rankings System®, an SEO blueprint that we crated and refined since our founding, we’ve taken dozens of law firms to first-page rankings and even national prominence. We can do the same for you.

We hope that we’ve piqued your interest and you’re asking yourself if this is the right move for you. If so, we’d love to jump on an introductory consult call with you.

If you’re ready to take your firm to the front of the line, let’s connect.

And if you’re still not convinced, here’s more evidence:

Streamlined processes designed to beat your competitors.

The most important thing to highlight about our company’s workflow is a fairly fundamental quality: as we are an SEO-only agency that only works with law firms, all of our systems and processes have been refined and honed to target, as you might expect, SEO for lawyers. It’s all we do, so we’re exceedingly competent at it.

An integral part of these systems and processes is a weekly SOP (standard operating procedure) development: all employee specialization tasks undergo a regular refinement to ensure that our product is consistent, efficient, and current.

Trendsetting & Innovation in SEO

While we feel that our company is consistently ahead of the curve in many areas, we want to share just a few examples of ways that we’re steps ahead of our competition:

Rankings.io pioneered the .edu outreach scholarship campaign, a method of acquiring high-authority .edu bancklinks from universities. Brian Dean of Backlinko referenced this strategy (and our role in its blueprint) in his articles and we were featured on Moz.com here.

Our R&D team has created a database high domain authority backlink opportunities and refined it over the past seven years. There is simply nothing else like it in the world of SEO and we are continuing even today to grow both the database and its quality.

While I have already mentioned that we specialized in SEO for attorneys, I should mention that nearly 2/3 of our clients are personal injury firms.

By virtue of this, we have built one of the most comprehensive lists in existence of topics for personal injury pages, as well an extremely thorough research document.

Internally, we use a tactic for growing practice pages that we refer to as “Parallel Practice Pages”: essentially, we write long-tail blogs which answer top-of-the-funnel information seekers and update our practice pages accordingly. In this way, each time we create a new blog, our practice area pages grow.

Lastly, we gamified continuing education for our staff, through a system called “Level Up!” The Level Up! Trello boards, to be honest, kind of geeky…but we have reaped a great harvest from it already (and, to be fair, continued learning about SEO, adding a spirit of friendly competition that might otherwise not exist and building comradery.

Meet Our Team

Our company employs over 30 full-time staff members and all employees undergo a rigorous screening process. During the pre-interview process, applicants must pass a comprehensive exam; only 4% pass. Applicants who pass the exam and are chosen for employment from this small pool must still complete our own in-house SEO certification course.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Founder's Story

“I’ve always felt that the easiest road to profitability was simply to make good on my promises and believe that the money would follow. ”
~Chris Dreyer, Founder & CEO

I graduated from SIU Carbondale in 2005 with a degree in History Education. Immediately following graduation, I found a job at a great high school in Southern Illinois, working as a detention room supervisor and assistant boys’ basketball coach.

Anyone who knows the world of public education knows that the profession is not renowned for its lucrative salary structure, but I found myself in a rarified situation: unlike most teachers, I was not burdened with lesson plans and grading. My job was simply to “ride herd” on a small room full of students who had, for one reason or another, been ejected from class. Like many teachers, I did not have an excess of funds…but unlike most of them, I did have an excess of time.

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Why Rankings.io? How Rankings is Different

We Only Do SEO

We are not a jack-of-all-trades agency.  Some time ago, we made the decision to focus exclusively on providing search engine optimization services.  This allows us to focus all of our energy on streamlining our process and fine-tuning the best SEO strategies for our clients.

Focusing exclusively on SEO also means that virtually everyone at our company has been Rankings.io SEO Certified.  When you work with Rankings.io, you’re getting SEO experts; and that’s all you’re getting.

We Only Work With Law Firms

When an agency focuses on one type of client, they are able to master the ability to serve them. That is the thought process behind our decision to work exclusively with attorneys.  The legal vertical has some very specific needs when it comes to marketing online and we know the legal marketing landscape like the back of our hands.

Working only with attorneys has allowed us to craft lawyer-specific processes for search engine optimization that avoid time-consuming mistakes and promote a streamlined and hassle free experience for our clients.

We Provide Radical Transparency

We promote transparency in every aspect of our business.  That includes our culture, our client relationships, and how we lead the SEO industry.  What does ‘radical transparency’ really mean though?  Think of it this way.  In everything we do, we are an open book.  We lay it all out on the table, good or bad.

When there are issues, we do not hide them and that helps everyone get on the same page to move toward a solution.  When you work with Rankings.io, we work hard to make sure there are no surprises and that our clients are informed, comfortable, and education during each step of the process.

You Own All Your Own Digital Assets

During the course of your campaign we create digital assets like web properties, text and image content, business listings, citations, and a variety of other deliverables.  Whether you stick with us far into the future or you decide to go another direction, those assets are yours to keep.

All accounts are set up in your name and all login credentials are saved for you; it’s all yours.  We are in the business of helping our attorney clients grow their law firms online and any progress you’ve made should be yours to keep regardless of the direction you take your firm.

Testimonials What Our Clients Say
Rankings.io has been one of the best finds in my search for legal marketing. I have used numerous SEO experts over the years and have yet to find one that could keep up with the changing needs of my online marketing. Chris and his team have stood out as leaders in their field. He responds to every email or has someone in his team get back to me. And not only get back to me, but fix a problem and provide a suggestion on the best action to take. I am very pleased with the product Rankings.io has produced. I base my reviews on results and Rankings.io has provided results for my online presence. Randolph Rice Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice Jr, LLC
Before we hired Rankings.io we did our SEO in house. We were so reluctant to hire an outside company because whenever we met with people we felt like we always knew more than the people we were thinking of hiring. Until we met the team at Rankings.io. Brian Zeiger The Zeiger Firm
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