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SEMrush for Lawyers: Find out what keywords other law firms are targeting

SEMrush for Lawyers: Find out what keywords other law firms are targeting High-level and comprehensive data is crucial for being successful with online marketing. Search analysis tools like SEMrush1 help attorneys set bench marks, measure campaign performance and get fresh ideas on what to do with their site. We’ve done posts in the past about […]

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Top 3 Free Law Firm Directories

Attorney SEO is extremely competitive. A big part of ranking well for your search terms is obtaining links from other websites. Links (or backlinks) from contextually relevant legal directories can help attorneys get exposure to consumers looking for legal services while earning high-quality links. Free or low-cost directories should be carefully vetted for quality. Below […]

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Migrating Your Website from Justia to WordPress and More

“I moved from Justia to WordPress and did not lose ranking and love having my own WP site. The key is keeping your good links. Also migrate to a good host like Synthesis and use a good theme provider like StudioPress. Also use the Yoast SEO plugin.”  ~+Robert Ottinger1, owner of OttingerLaw.com2   Moving your […]

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TOP 100 Law Firm Directories (2017) – Attorney SEO Directories Ultimate List

Note that submitting to directories is important for attorneys and so are citations.  These are mentions of your firm name on other websites.  Building out hundreds of these listings is a powerful search signal however it can be very time consuming.  Bright Local can help you build hundreds of citations in a very short period […]

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SEO for Lawyers: How to Get Clients with Search Engine Optimization

Lawyers can no longer avoid the fact that the Internet has made information easily accessible to consumers.  Coincidentally this has also made the process for optimizing a website for search that much more important.  Data from Pew Research1 in 2012 show  that of all Americans, more than 70% used a search engine to find what they are […]

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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for Lawyers

Google continuously improves on user experience in search results. AMP (or Accelerated Mobile Pages) are a response to an increasing number of users browsing the web on mobile devices. It is an open-source (free for anyone that wants to contribute to or use it1) project developed by Google and Twitter. Phones and tablets are often […]

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Onsite SEO: How to Optimize Your Site with SEO

Onsite SEO refers to optimization of the elements on a website that allow search engines to crawl, analyze, index and return relevant results for users. These optimization tasks are performed on the website itself as opposed to tasks performed elsewhere on the internet to influence a site’s ranking. Examples of onsite SEO include: The optimization of […]

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How to Hire an SEO

Trust is a huge challenge for businesses using or potentially buying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.  Relative to other industries, SEO is still brand new in the realm of marketing and advertising. It is largely unregulated and misunderstood which makes it ripe for unethical behavior.  In other words it can be incredibly difficult for business […]


Attorneyrankings.org is moving to Rankings.io

We wanted to take this opportunity to explain what’s happening and answer some common questions you may have. What Does This Mean For Me? First and foremost we want to reassure you that your services are not changing in any way.  Any agreements you have with Attorney Rankings will remain the same and any services […]

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Small Law Pick of the Week Award: The Attorney’s Guide to Link Building

SmallLaw, is a popular email newsletter for solo practitioners and those who manage and work in small law firms. For each issue they create, the SmallLaw editorial team reviews hundreds of articles found on the net published during the previous week. From these articles, they select one as their SmallLaw Pick of the Week. We are honored […]

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The Attorney’s Guide to Link Building

Links are perhaps one of the most important factors1 in ranking web pages. They are at the very foundation of Google’s algorithm and are the key method of navigation from website to website all over the globe. In SEO, there are numerous different ways to acquire links. Some strategies do not involve a lot of effort, whereas others require […]

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Our Complete SEO Glossary for Lawyers

We use a lot of terms and phrases about SEO and digital marketing on the Rankings.io blog. Sometimes it is easy to forget that not everyone knows what we are talking about.  A post may mention a service, tactic or term without elaborating on what it means. That is why we have created this comprehensive […]

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