There are more than 11,000 divorce lawyers in the United States. Many of them are concentrated in regions and cities with stiff competition, making it critical to find a leading edge to connect with potential clients.

When most people want to hire a divorce lawyer, they evaluate their options in one of a few ways:

  • Personal referral
  • Online reviews and testimonials
  • Search engines 

Identifying the right mix of marketing tactics to capture a potential client’s attention in these avenues is essential. In some cases, all three of these options work together to make one law firm stand out above the rest. It’s worth putting in the time and energy to ensure that firm is yours.

Personal referrals and online reviews will always play a role in driving business, but most potential clients for your divorce law firm are likely to turn first to search. Beyond that, SEO also has a snowball effect that builds on itself over time, especially if you’re publishing relevant content used by potential family law clients in their searches.

Everyone knows they want their firm on the first page of Google search for chosen keywords, but that requires a clear SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization is an excellent way to position your firm at the top and draw in prospective clients when they are most likely to hire a divorce attorney. Discover more about how SEO drives results for family lawyers, what elements go into an SEO campaign, the best keywords and topics to target, and how to evaluate results.

Does SEO Work for Divorce and Family Law Attorneys?

An SEO campaign is part of a bigger divorce lawyer marketing plan. It can function on its own but also supports other aspects of marketing for better results across the board.

A well-executed SEO campaign can bring in both traffic and conversions to grow your family law practice. A good SEO campaign should:

  • Be driven by a holistic approach across your website, directory listings, and Google My Business profile
  • Include a content marketing strategy with a list of relevant keywords to target
  • Have clearly established goals
  • Be analyzed regularly to determine if tactics and channels are moving the firm closer to those goals

3 Key Parts of an SEO Campaign

There are three key components of an SEO strategy: technical SEO, local SEO, and content. 

When all three of these are in motion, your law firm benefits from high-value traffic of people searching for a divorce attorney. All three of these might involve hiring outside SEO services for execution.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO makes it easier for Google to “crawl” your website, using the data found to contextualize what your site is about.

Some of the most common technical SEO problems include:

  • Pages not optimized for a mobile experience
  • Duplicate content (the same content that appears identically on separate pages)
  • Images missing alt tags (explanatory tags)
  • Missing meta descriptions (One sentence explainer sentences with the main keyword included)
  • Title tags longer than 60 characters, which makes it difficult for Google to index the post properly

Technical SEO is a good starting point because it lays the foundation for the rest of your SEO work. This is usually outsourced to a technical SEO expert to audit your site to find errors and issues. Issues with your site can impede rankings, conversions, and other performance throughout your website.

A technical SEO expert will then suggest ways to remediate the issues to bring the site in line with best practices. Technical SEO issues can happen over time, but they can also result from the launch of your website.

A full audit of your site will reveal a list of all open technical SEO issues. It can take some time for the changes made as a result of that audit to take effect, but these corrections can improve website performance in SEO.

Local SEO

When a searcher types in relevant keywords like “Divorce lawyer in Las Vegas,” Google uses three main factors to determine which law firms show up towards the top of that search. Those factors are:

  • Relevance
  • Distance
  • Prominence

This means that it’s to your benefit to send as many signals about your practice areas and city/regions served across your website, directories for lawyers, and Google My Business. By sending these signals, Google is more likely to put your firm in front of potential clients in your service area when they search for relevant terms. 

A few ways to stay on top of local SEO include:

  • Writing comprehensive service descriptions on your Google My Business profile
  • Listing out all your practice areas on GMB and directory websites
  • Keeping details like website address and hours open up to date
  • Seek regular reviews from clients, especially on Google
  • Add images and posts to your GMB profile regularly


Listing your law firm in directories like Justia and Avvo helps add relevant links back to your website. These listings also help expand your visibility in search results overall. However, not all directories are created equal. Listings in spammy directories could hinder your search performance. 

Review Sites

Social proof goes a long way towards spreading the word about your business. Make sure you ask past clients to leave a review about their experience. These help support the perceived credibility of your firm the more reviews you have, especially if nearly all of them are from clients who had positive things to say.

Google My Business

Claiming your Google My Business profile is free and simple to do. This lets you to confirm important details like the firm’s name, physical location, open hours, and website. Follow these steps to get started with Google My Business:

  • Visit and claim your business profile
  • List your primary business category (you can select secondary categories later, so aim for “family lawyer” or “divorce attorney”
  • Add your physical location and service options
  • Add contact information like your phone number
  • Verify your business (receive a postcard to confirm your location)


Content throughout your website should all be created with an intention behind it. That intention is not just to answer questions or to provide helpful information. Instead, your content marketing strategy should prompt readers to take action after reading.

There are a few ways to get the most out of your content marketing efforts:

  • Know the difference in content archetypes (AKA practice area pages vs. blog posts)
  • Develop content ideas based on a topic cluster model, where one primary page is the lynchpin for the rest of the related content on the site
  • Write long-form content
  • Use E-A-T  (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) best practices, such as author bylines on pages and linking to credible sources

Keyword Research

Knowing the words and questions your target clients are using to find divorce attorneys guides the rest of your content marketing. 

If you’re not creating content aligned with the topics and keywords most important to your audience, or if you’re writing content with no search volume, no one sees what you post. That’s useless in digital marketing.

You can do keyword research by:

  • Completing a manual analysis of all the top-ranking sites in your field
  • Reviewing questions asked on Avvo,, and filed under “people also ask” on Google
  • Using Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner
  • Mindmapping with questions logged on Answer the Public
  • Use the free keyword research tool Ubersuggest
  • Leveraging paid tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs

Although these tools are available to you, SEO keyword research on your own is overwhelming because it requires a significant amount of time. Without a firm background in keyword research, the likelihood of choosing valuable keywords is low. Hire an SEO expert to help you with this to save time and cut down on confusion. 

Publishing Content

Publishing content is essential for topical authority. It shows expertise in your practice areas and enables you to create a library of resources for potential clients to turn to. However, too many law firms look at content the wrong way. 

Your blog is not a magazine that produces content regularly for dedicated subscribers. It’s a library of reference material for people looking for answers when they need them most.

It’s true that you should add new content to your website, but the final pieces shouldn’t be rushed into a production schedule so that you publish every week. Instead, start by creating a roadmap of all the pieces you’d like in your library, then figure out the time it would take to create and publish each one.

On-Page Optimization

Every page on your website should be appropriately optimized for search engines and readers. This includes a range of different things for law firm on-page optimization, including:

  • Using a flat URL structure (this eliminates sub-directory folders)
  • Creating great title tags
  • Optimizing copy to include relevant complementary keywords on website pages 
  • Ensuring each meta description is accurate
  • Checking and improving your website speed
  • Implementing website design user experience best practices, such as simple navigation
  • Using internal links to other relevant pages on your website
  • Leveraging legal service schema that directly tells Google your website content belongs to a law firm
  • Posting images on relevant pages and posts on your site

Link Building

Improving your law firm website rankings cannot be done without a link-building strategy since it’s one of the essential components of SEO. Link building involves getting backlinks from other websites that point to your website. Some links are harder to earn than others but may have a bigger payoff when acquired.

Some of the best ways to acquire links to your law firm’s website include social media sites, legal directories, forums, and other sites you own. More advanced link-building plans, however, require generating unique content to be posted on other websites with links inside that point back to your site.

There are many different options for building links to your divorce law firm. 

Measuring Results from Search Engine Optimization

When running an SEO campaign, you should continually evaluate site performance on an ongoing basis. Start with an SEO content audit to know all the areas for potential improvement for which existing pages to keep, combine, and redirect. Most divorce law firms choose to work with an outside SEO expert for this aspect of online marketing for lawyers. However, you need to know how to ensure the agency or expert is hitting objectives.

Here are some ways to stay on top of your divorce law firm’s search engine results:

  • Make sure you have a Google Analytics account that you can review at least monthly to get valuable intel like time on page, most popular pages, and more from this free tool
  • Establish the most important KPIs from your marketing strategy so that you can measure the right data over time
  • Sign up for an account with Ahrefs or another rank tracker so you can monitor search engine results over time (this holds your SEO expert accountable)
  • Ask for monthly reporting from your SEO agency; data is currency, and you’ll be in a better position to ask the right questions and make decisions when you have it

The 100 Most Valuable Divorce Attorney Keywords

Ready to start with your divorce lawyer SEO campaign? Here are some of the most valuable divorce attorney keywords to build into your content marketing plan. 

find divorce attorneyLow150$50.0038
best divorce attorneyLow2,400$35.0028
divorce lawyerLow49,000$30.0044
family divorce lawyer near meMedium600$30.0060
divorce lawyer consultationMedium500$30.0015
family divorce attorneyLow250$30.0039
female divorce lawyerMedium200$30.0028
attorneys for divorceLow150$30.0049
divorce attorneys [city]Varies150$30.0020
divorce attorneyHigh36,000$25.0038
top divorce lawyers near meMedium3,500$25.0036
divorce attorneysHigh3,000$25.0045
best divorce lawyersLow2,000$25.0027
marriage lawyers near meMedium600$25.0017
divorce law firmLow600$25.0059
lawyers divorceMedium500$25.0053
local divorce attorneysMedium450$25.0040
questions to ask divorce lawyerMedium400$25.0021
top divorce lawyersMedium400$25.0012
divorce and custody lawyersMedium300$25.0034
[state] family law attorneysVaries250$25.0026
family law firm near meMedium250$25.0044
top rated divorce attorneysLow200$25.0010
divorce attorney consultationMedium150$25.0012
find a divorce lawyerMedium150$25.0040
top family law attorneysMedium150$25.0015
i need a divorce lawyerMedium150$25.0038
divorce lawyers near meMedium73,000$20.0043
family law attorneyLow41,000$20.0042
divorce attorney near meMedium34,000$20.0039
divorce lawyersHigh30,000$20.0050
best divorce lawyers near meMedium6,700$20.0046
best divorce attorney near meMedium2,100$20.0038
lawyer divorceMedium1,600$20.0047
divorce lawyers for menMedium1,500$20.0050
female divorce lawyers near meMedium1,400$20.0026
family law lawyersLow800$20.0041
family divorce lawyerLow800$20.0033
local divorce lawyersMedium700$20.0030
best family law attorneyMedium700$20.0022
attorney for divorceMedium500$20.0027
family law attorney [city]Varies350$20.0026
attorney divorceMedium350$20.0039
female divorce attorney near meMedium250$20.0017
top rated divorce lawyersLow250$20.0014
divorce lawerMedium250$20.0051
divorce attorneys for menMedium150$20.0060
divorce law firmsMedium150$20.0036
family lawyer attorneyMedium150$20.0032
best divorce lawyerMedium1,900$19.0028
divorce lawyers in my areaMedium900$19.0048
family and divorce lawyerLow350$19.0040
best family lawyerLow350$19.0025
do you need a lawyer to get a divorceMedium250$19.0034
questions a divorce lawyer will askMedium200$19.0017
good family lawyersMedium150$19.0021
best family law attorney near meMedium1,800$18.0036
good divorce lawyer near meMedium600$18.0042
divorce attorney for menMedium450$18.0051
good divorce lawyersMedium350$18.0042
top family law attorneyMedium250$18.0020
family law lawyers near meLow2,500$17.0045
divorce lawyers [city state]Varies450$17.006
divorce and family lawMedium350$17.0040
best divorce attorneysMedium350$17.0026
how to find a good divorce lawyerMedium350$17.0030
divorce attorneys in my areaMedium250$17.0044
[state] family lawVaries150$17.0033
family law attorney near meMedium15,000$16.0042
attorney family lawMedium900$16.0041
divorce lawyer for menMedium600$16.0057
best family attorneyLow350$16.0025
how to find a divorce lawyerMedium350$16.0035
divorce lawyer reviewsLow300$16.0024
family law divorceMedium200$16.0036
family law attorney child custodyMedium200$16.0024
local family law attorneysMedium150$16.0049
family lawyers near meMedium26,000$15.0034
divorce attorneys near me free consultationMedium250$15.0032
family attorneyLow10,000$14.0027
mens divorce lawyersMedium800$14.0052
family law firms near meMedium300$14.0044
low cost divorce attorneyMedium200$14.0041
local family lawyersMedium150$14.0044
family attorney near meMedium17,000$13.0045
best custody lawyer near meMedium1,300$13.0025
family court attorneyMedium1,100$13.0040
free family law attorneyMedium1,000$13.0048
fathers rights attorneyMedium900$13.0019
questions to ask a divorce lawyerLow500$13.0021
legal aid divorce lawyerMedium400$13.0068
family law officeLow350$13.0042
top rated divorce lawyers near meMedium350$13.0031
what do family lawyers doLow300$13.0022
separation attorneyMedium200$13.0027
attorneys for child custodyMedium200$13.0035
divorce legal adviceMedium150$13.0035
lawyer for child custodyMedium1,100$12.0032
best child custody lawyerMedium300$12.0027
low cost family law attorneyMedium300$12.0038

Note the use of the term “valuable” here. Most people mistakenly focused on the highest volume, the metric used to describe how many people search for something every month. That’s not always the most valuable keyword, however. 

For example, more general terms like “child custody” or “child support” have no local or state SEO component, so there’s no way to qualify that your leads are your ideal client. More targeted keywords will likely perform better.

Further, those keywords don’t always mean that the reader searching for them is ready to hire a divorce lawyer.

Instead, choose keywords with a high cost per click and the best chance of conversion for new clients. 

A reliable SEO expert can help divorce lawyers find and prioritize the right keywords to target both organic SEO and paid advertising through Google Ads (PPC).

Combining SEO with Other Marketing Channels

SEO is a great way to figure out which people are interested in the problems you solve. Getting these readers to your website is important for retargeting purposes, too. 

Once someone has visited your site to read your content, you can retarget those prospects on social media or Google Ads with other marketing material. Since it can take multiple touchpoints to move a prospect into client status, remarketing is an excellent way to keep your law firm’s name top of mind.

Remember that SEO is not the cure-all for your divorce law firm, though. It can certainly impact some of your most important KPIs, but it should not be done in a marketing vacuum.

Instead, SEO fits into the broader law firm marketing strategy and also helps to support other channels. Make sure your marketing mix includes the right tactics and channels to target your clients in multiple places where you have the highest chance of success.

Choosing an Expert for Your SEO Campaign

SEO has many components to it, and it does require ongoing work. SEO tactics are also subject to change based on things like Google Webmaster Guidelines. For that reason, it’s helpful to use an outside SEO expert or team. Only invest in an SEO company for legal marketing when you have a good understanding of how SEO works and how to analyze results for a family law firm.

Our team of SEO experts knows the legal field deeply and is focused on what’s best for you.

When you’re ready to hire an elite SEO provider with a results page to back up their claims, contact for a free consultation.