100+ Legal Directories – The Ultimate List of Law Firm Directories

Chris Dreyer on April 2018

Joining legal directories is one of the simplest and most effective ways for attorneys to grow their online presence while building links at the same time. Good directories can help law firms expand their visibility in search results pages, collaborate with other professionals, get authoritative links to their site, and grow their online authority.

Google started de-indexing spammy directories back in 20121, and devalued links from such sites. Today, submitting your law firm website to quality legal directories is still an important part of building citations and relevant links.

Of course, no two law firm directories are exactly the same…and the operative word above is “quality”. If you want to learn more about what legal directories are, how to use them to market your firm, and how to tell if a directory is any good, feel free to read on in our FAQ section below (after our lists of directories).

Our Top 10 Lawyer Directories

Here is our top 10 of the best law firm directories, based on SEO metrics gathered from Ahrefs and overall features of the directory. Domains are ordered by “dofollow” referring domains.
*Note: All DR values updated as of September 2018.


What Are the Best Free Legal Directories 2018?

You can choose from a great many free legal directories.

Matthew Laurin

From our Marketing Director Matthew Laurin
“Of all the directories available, be the most cautious with free directories. We’ve compiled some of the best directories that offer limited free listings that are still on high-quality domains.”

*Note: All DR values updated as of September 2018.



Personal Injury Directories

This is a list of personal injury-specific directories, both free and paid. There are more out there however these are some of the best with DR20+.
*Note: All DR values updated as of September 2018.

*Note: All DR values updated as of September 2018.

TOP 100 Law Firm Directories (2018) – Interactive Chart


Frequently Asked Questions about Law Firm Directories

In the rest of this post, we give you some in-depth insight into a curated list of over 100 legal directories, as well as why attorneys should add their site to them.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find legal directories.
  • Analyze the quality of a directory.
  • Choose the right directory for your law firm.

You will also learn exactly what legal directories are and how you can best use them to market your law firm, achieving better organic rankings in Google search and building authority on the Internet.

What are legal directories?
A web directory, or link directory2, is a website that catalogues and lists other business websites. Each listing resides under a specific business category or location, as well as subcategories. Sometimes, a business listing can exist in multiple categories or subcategories at once.

The idea behind web directories was to give users a place to find local businesses based on industry. Unfortunately, these directories have been abused by marketers and SEOs in an attempt to gain easy links.

As mentioned above, Google began to devalue links from certain types of directories some time ago (here’s the original webmaster thread on the topic3). However, some types of directories are still very valuable and a genuine link building opportunity for lawyers.

Some directories require payment, while others are free to get listed. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of paid and free directories later in this post, but the best types of directories are industry-specific.

This means that the entire directory caters to a single specific industry, such as law. There are also practice area-specific directories that list attorneys specializing in particular areas of law such as personal injury, criminal defense, or bankruptcy, for example.

As you might expect, a legal directory is simply a web directory that specifically accepts listings from law firms and attorneys. That said, legal directories have evolved over time and they are no longer just a Yellow Pages type listing of legal professionals.

Legal directories now encompass a myriad of products and services, including:

  • Legal business and website listings
  • Law firm advertising
  • Legal forums where attorneys can answer consumer legal questions
  • A space where attorneys can submit content they’ve created

As you can see, law firm directories are more than mere business listings.

There are two key benefits to using legal directories as part of your law firm SEO:

  • A more comprehensive web presence
  • Links to your site
How can directories help my web presence?

Building Authority for Your Attorney Brand

Many of the higher quality directories provide far more benefits than just a link to an attorney’s website. For instance, sites such as Avvo, FindLaw, and Lawyer.com allow attorneys to do things like answer legal questions asked by consumers, submit content as a guest author, and earn reviews.

These are all things that can help attorneys build up their authority in their practice area. Of course, things like this can be posted on a lawyer’s own site, but it can be a powerful recommendation to have them listed on another authoritative site that consumers use.

According to data gathered by FindLaw4, 41% of legal service consumers begin their search on a legal directory.

This is significant because even though consumers start their search on these platforms, it does not mean they eventually convert there. Even if the final touch point is someone returning directly to your law firm website after their initial research, it’s highly possible that they began that search on a directory.

Owning the Search Results

In addition to consumers using legal directories for research, attorneys can create more opportunities to appear in search results pages by joining legal directories.

Ranking on page one is a primary goal, but Google will only show one result from your website leaving other choices for consumers to evaluate.

Attorneys who have robust profiles on high-quality directory sites have the potential to show up multiple times in a search results page.

Check out this search for “Clearwater car accident lawyer” where the first three organic results are from prominent legal directories.

Organic Legal Directory Listings

Notice how the Dolman Law Group has not only the first position in the local 3-pack, but they also have a presence on the directory listing pages.

An example of a legal directory listing

As consumers do their research, attorneys can have multiple chances to get in front of consumers on different websites and within search results pages.

Why are law firm directories important for SEO?

One of Google’s most important ranking factors is the quality and quantity of inbound links pointing at a domain5.

Attorneys can improve where their site ranks by submitting their sites and being active on high-quality legal directories.

In the past, pretty much any link would have been good; these days, attorneys need to exercise greater caution when choosing directories.

Some key questions to ask before submitting your law firm to a directory are:

  • Is this directory specific to law?
  • Is it a quality legal directory (would you feel comfortable entering your credit card information on the site)?
  • Is this legal directory well-maintained and up-to-date?
  • Does Google index6 this law firm directory?
  • Are other sites linking to this legal directory?
  • Is this legal directory easy to use?
  • Does the directory have a Domain Rating7 of 20 or higher?
  • Is your competition listed there?

If you can answer yes to most of these questions, then you should definitely list your law firm.

Here is how you go about finding out the answers to those questions:

Step One: Find a Legal Directory

One of the easiest ways to find legal directories is to just search for them in Google.

In Google, type “legal directories”.

Legal Directories in a Google Search Results page

This will bring back a list of results containing curated legal directory posts (like this one).

You can now go through each post and pick out directories you wish to research further (although, we’ve already done the hard work for you).

Another way to find legal directories, specifically those that are indexed and rank in Google, is to use the following search query (called a search operator8).

“keyword” + location

For example, try typing “injury lawyer directory” + texas into Google.

A search results page of Legal Directories found using search operators

Step Two: Analyze the Quality of the Legal Directory

Once you’ve found a legal directory, you can now analyze the quality. For this, we use Ahrefs.

Matthew Laurin

From our Lawyer Marketing Director Matthew Laurin
“Ahrefs is a paid tool and it may be overkill for attorneys just wanting to see if a directory is going to be worth getting a link from. Try doing a free trial of the software to get the information you need before you commit to a full-blown subscription.”

Take the domain (or subdomain) and paste it into Ahrefs Site Explorer and hit enter.

A legal directory in the domain overview page of Ahrefs

Site Explorer returns a ton of data for that domain. The image above is the overview screen showing link information related to the domain https://attorneys.superlawyers.com/.

The important elements we want to look at are:

  • Domain Rating (DR)
  • Referring Domains
  • Organic Keywords
  • Organic Traffic

Domain Rating (DR)

Domain Rating (DR) should act as a guide to the overall quality of the site.

Remember, DR is a third-party metric, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt. As DR is calculated on the strength and quality of a target website’s backlink profile, it’s a good general indicator of quality.

We want to be looking at sites that have a DR of 20+. With a DR of 90, attorneys.superlawyers.com is a good fit.

Referring Domains

Referring domains is the total amount of individual sites linking to the legal directory.

There are no hard and fast rules here, but a site with a few hundred referring domains is sufficient for our purposes.

attorneys.superlawyers.com has 1.65k referring domains, so this is a decent amount.

Number of referring domains on superlawyers.com

Another important thing to consider here is the overall quality of these referring domains.

Using our DR 20+ metric, we can filter the referring domains and work out how many quality domains link to the site.

Click on “Referring domains”, order by DR, and set the “Link type” to “Dofollow”.

Sorting by Dofollow, domain rating, and referring domains in ahrefs

You can now export the results.

Export referring domains from Ahrefs

Once you have your Excel spreadsheet, we need to remove all results that have a DR below 20.

Highlight the Domain Rating column and then chose filter on the home ribbon of Excel (note it may be in different locations in different versions of Excel).

Start the filtering process in excel

Create a number filter to capture all of the domains that are less than DR20.

Creating a less than number filter in Excell

Type in the number 20 into the filter (make sure “is less than…” is selected).

Inserting value into the less than filter

Highlight all of the rows (they should all be less than DR20 at this point), right click on the row numbers at left, then click “Delete Row”.

Delete rows in excel

Then click on your filter button again in the Home Ribbon to remove your filter. Only sites that have DR20 and up should remain.

As you can see, attorneys.superlawyers.com has about 470 referring domains that are DR20 or higher.

Remaining Domains after deletion

Organic Keywords

We now need to look at how many keywords this site ranks for.

Again, there is no hard and fast rule here, but a few hundred organic keywords are probably sufficient for our purposes.

Number of Organic keywords

The attorneys.superlawyers.com site ranks for 133K keywords, more than enough to gauge traffic potential.

It gives us a general idea about how the site is doing in search and whether it is even indexed. To be 100% certain the site is indexed though, we can perform a ‘site’ search.

In Google, type “site:attorneys.superlawyers.com”.

Number of results for superlawyers in organic serp

We can see that “site:attorneys.superlawyers.com” returns 83,500 results, meaning that Google has indexed 83,500 pages from the site. This is a good indicator that this directory is quality.

Organic Traffic

Lastly, we’ll look at estimated organic traffic.

This will give us a rough idea of how many visitors this site gets per month.

The higher the number, the better the indication that this is site is not only quality, but also has the potential to refer relevant traffic to your site from your legal directory listing.

Organic Traffic Values in Ahrefs

As you can see, attorneys.superlawyers.com receives an estimated 245k organic traffic per month. This is fairly significant.

Step Three: Is the Legal Directory Easy to Use & Well-Maintained?

Lastly, we want to gauge whether this legal directory is easy to use and whether it is updated and well-maintained.

The best way to do this is to simply use and browse the directory. This is completely subjective, so get a feel for the site and make a judgment.

Does it:

  • Work on mobile?
  • Navigate well?
  • Look professional?
  • Seem like it’s somewhere you would be comfortable submitting your credit card information?

If so, combined with the data gathered earlier, it’s probably safe to say that this directory is a quality one.

So, we have gained the following insights about attorneys.superlawyers.com:

  • The directory is specific to law.
  • It has a DR of 90.
  • It has 258 quality referring domains with a DR of 20+.
  • It ranks for 129k organic keywords.
  • It drives an estimated 199k organic sessions per month.
  • It works on mobile, navigates well, and looks fairly professional.

While the process for finding a high-quality site is involved, the more you do it, the easier it will be to identify a high quality site as soon as you see it.

Which Lawyer Directories Matter the Most?

For lawyers, obviously legal directories are of the utmost importance. Of those, there are a subset of directories in which every firm should be included.

As we’ve also mentioned, quality is key, so look for these other elements:

  • The ability to contribute your own content
  • The ability to answer consumer legal questions
  • The opportunity to earn reviews on the site


Please share this law firm directories blog post with friends and co-workers.

Email them the link or post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media platforms of your choosing.

You’ll be known as the go-to guy for sharing great content!

P.S. Do you know other free lawyer directories or premium legal directories you would like to recommend? If so, please contact us here.

You can speed up the submission to many of these directories by using  Bright Local to manage your firm information on hundreds of sites at once.


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  1. Hi Chris, wow, what a mega list! Nice work. And thanks for including Enjuris! I wanted to let your readers know we have a free version available at Enjuris, too, which does include a high-value link.

    We are a fairly new niche directory especially for personal injury lawyers.

    And lastly, I hope you plan to update this list periodically, as we are “movin’ on up” – we’ve been busy building out our consumer facing content and we also offer members some great features like exclusive territories, guest blogging, the chance to be quoted in articles our editors write for media outlets, among others. Stop by and say hi soon!

  2. There is a new Legal Directory for Criminal Defense Lawyers going live in the next 3 weeks. I hesitate to call it a directory, because unlike most directory’s out there cdll.biz gives you a page per practice, instead of just a single page for everything.

    On top of that you can plugging into the system for Chat, Talking Heads, Click to call and 3rd party features.. All at a fairly reasonable price. Additionally, you can also get a vanity URL such as this.

    http:// topgun.cdll.biz which go to the real page https://profiles.cdll.biz/ny-john-a-scarpa-jr/home.html

    The data of the site is sample data, but at least it can give you a taste of what the site can / will do.


  3. This is an excellent list which I can use for links building and improving the ranking for my attorney clients, there is one attorney directory which is in Spanish that we are launching and allows free attorney profiles including their website link, phone number and social media, it’s https://listalegal.com/

  4. Thanks for an excellent law firm directories list. This list has proved essential as a part of link building activity. It has helped in improving the ranking of our law firm and promoting our copyrights registration services as well.

    • Hey there,

      Thanks so much for the suggestion. Unfortunately we are only adding directories that have at least a DR20. Once yours increases feel free to hit us up again and we will add it right away.


    • Hey there!

      Looks like Findattorneys.org is going to be a great directory. Unfortunately we include directories that are a DR20 or higher. Once Find Attorneys hits that threshold we will be sure to add it to the list.


    • Hey Daniel,

      It looks like finduslawyers.org is shaping up to be a great directory however we are only adding sites that have a Domain Rating of 20 or higher to our top directories post. Looks like Find US Lawyers is at a DR18 right now. So close! Keep up the great work in promoting it and once you get it to DR20 we will add it to the list above.


  5. Another awesome articles and i find more new information, i like that kind of information, not only i like that post all peoples like that post, because of all given information was very excellent. https://techunwrap.com

    • Thanks Ed. I just responded to your colleague Tim’s comment. We will be sure to add this directory to our list.

      Thanks for commenting!


  6. Hello Chris,

    Just been reading through your blog articles – what great resources for lawyers looking to improve their marketing, we will certainly be recommending these to clients.

    May we introduce a new Lawyer Directory we are developing :
    LawyerDirectory.legal – https://www.lawyerdirectory.legal/usa/
    An independent, niche, human edited, directory of attorneys in the USA.

    Users can submit attorney listings and law articles. Options include ‘follow’ links, deep links, detailed biography info, ability to edit 24/7, and much more, plus the basic option is free.

    • Thanks a lot Alejandro! Some of the firms we work with focus part or most of their practice on Spanish-speaking clients so this is a great find. Thanks again and we’ll be sure and add it to our list!

  7. Last but certainly not least is credibility. Many of these legal directories also offer reviews. While the Avvo review score really means nothing in terms of how good an attorney is, consumers don t really know that. They look for scores, client reviews, and any information they can find online before making a hiring decision. After all, everyone wants to hire the best attorney for their case. Not to mention, the highest rated attorneys typically also show up higher in legal directory search results (depending on their own algorithms).The point is this. If you re going to get listed on a directory where a client might find you, you should also take the time to look good and put your best foot forward. Spend the time to get proper client reviews. Even if you just got one new client lead from a legal directory a year what happens if you re listed in 100 directories?

    • Hey Kevinsen,

      You’re on point here. Many leading directories offer social proof that builds trust with consumers. Reviews are so important for guiding people in their purchase decision and (as you’ve pointed out), some directories offer a platform for lawyers to highlight positive client experiences. Thanks for commenting.

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