Measuring SEO Success

In this final chapter, we will discuss how to measure
the success of your SEO efforts. This includes:

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Reviewing Traction from On-Site SEO Endeavors

If you start a new exercise regimen, it’s probably with some specific goals/targets in mind (be it weight, cholesterol, etc.), so you check in regularly to see how progress is being made towards them. However, it’s also important to measure the impact that each individual exercise is
having on those ultimate goals. You want to be sure that you’re doing the right routine, in the right repetitions; otherwise, you’re not maximizing your energy and time.

Likewise, you can make thousands of granular modifications to a website and all of them have some impact…but it’s crucial to be sure that the actions that you’re taking are the ones that most efficiently address the overall goals of your firm’s SEO efforts.

In the case of measuring your law firm website’s performance, we recommend Ahrefs Site Audit.

Why Ahrefs Side Audit?

How to Hold Your SEO Agency Accountable for Link Building

How to Use Ahrefs Site Explorer

Track the Keywords You
Actually Care About

Don’t Let An SEO Send a Report with All Traffic Voodoo

Getting a Return on Your Investment Through SEO Conversions

Google Analytics Goal Tracking

Live Chat Conversion Tracking

Phone Call Conversion Tracking

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