There are plenty of media options for lawyers who want to grow and learn more. Sometimes reading books for lawyers or the best legal blogs isn’t an option, though.

Fortunately, there’s another option for busy lawyers: podcasts.

No matter how you like to listen, you can join the 74% of people who tune in to podcasts to learn something new.

Podcasts are an excellent way to stay on top of what’s new in the legal industry, marketing, and operations. There are plenty of podcasts out there for personal injury lawyers. We put together the list of the best ones to check out.

1. Personal Injury Mastermind Podcast

This is a strong contender if you only have time to download and listen to one show a week. The Personal Injury Mastering Podcast (PIMM) is the premier show for injury lawyers. Hosted by’s Chris Dreyer, this show aims to help personal injury lawyers run more effective practices.

There’s a lot of ground covered on this one show, which is why it’s perfect for a busy personal injury attorney.

Some episodes are masterclass-style to help you learn and implement a strategy right away. Others are broader looks at things like investing, case management, and firm culture. As a managing partner or attorney in a thriving firm, the PIMM is both a high-level and holistic view of what it looks like to win in the personal injury space.

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2. LawHer Podcast

The LawHer Podcast is also hosted by the team at This show aims to give a voice and more opportunities to women in the legal industry.

For current and aspiring lawyers, this show highlights the unique ways that women carve their own paths and lift others up as they go.

Join’s VP of Operations, Sonya Palmer, to learn from and apply the lessons from successful women in the legal industry. Sonya and her guests cover many marketing topics on this show. If you’re looking to brand yourself as a female lawyer or female-owned firm, get some best practices by tuning in here.

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3. The Game Changing Attorney Podcast

This one is another excellent podcast for lawyers who want to improve their marketing. The Game Changing Attorney is hosted by Crisp Video founder Michael Mogill.

He and his guests explore law firm success stories to find the secrets of growth and scalability. Each episode is filled with actionable insights to help lawyers get a greater ROI and build a firm that lasts.

If you haven’t read it already, Mogill’s book with the same title is also one of our top choices for a book every lawyer should read.

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4. Trial Lawyer Nation

This is one of the most popular legal podcasts out there and for a good reason. Interviews with top legal industry experts on this show will grab and keep your attention.

Injury lawyer Michael Cowen hosts this award-winning podcast, but it covers concepts like thriving on social media for lawyers, growing your firm, and striking a balance between running a business and practicing law.

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5. The Jabot Podcast

Are you passionate about access to justice issues and advancing the legal community forward? This show aims to highlight marginalized groups in the legal industry through compelling stories.

Add this podcast to your list to stay on the cutting edge of what’s most important with diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.

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6. Legal Beagle

The legal beagle Jonathan Negretti likes to give lawyers a taste of advice from those in the profession as well as other experts.

With over 130 episodes published, there’s a little something for everyone in this show’s archives.

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7. The Blame Game

Personal injury lawyer Jonathan R. Ratchik dives deep into the legal issues common in accident cases in this podcast.

What makes this show interesting is that it’s a take on current events through the lens of personal injury. Note that this show only airs a new episode every few months.

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8. Trial Lawyer Talk

This one is worth binging some older episodes for the deep insights you can glean. Hosted by California injury lawyer Scott Glovsky, this show includes interviews with some of the most successful trial attorneys across the country.

This includes lawyers outside the practice of personal injury, but all with a focus on how to prepare for court.

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9. The Personal Injury Law Podcast

This podcast covers negligence-related questions surrounding common personal injury concepts like car accidents, wrongful death, and slip and falls. These are super short episodes, making it a good case study on creating content that can be used across multiple platforms like your website and social media.

Host Guy DiMartino interviews other attorneys to help those on the fence about whether or not they need a lawyer. This podcast is best for those who are new to personal injury practice.

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10. Court Radio

This long-running legal talk show features a mix of legal Q and A from the public and information on news and events in personal injury law.

This podcast is most appropriate for those trying to understand common legal questions from potential personal injury cases. Learn more about what your target clients might want to know and things that could hold them back from hiring an injury lawyer. This might even inspire you to create your own content in line with reader questions.

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11. LawNext

Hosted by the owner of LawSites, Bob Ambrogi, this podcast is a solid listen for the general range of subjects covered on the show.

You can expect insights into practicing law, access to justice issues in the broader legal community, updates in legal technology, and new business models for lawyers branching out on their own.

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12. Dimensions of Diversity

If you plan to grow your law firm team, you need to think strategically about your firm culture and the diversity efforts behind every new hire. The law firm behind this podcast is intentional about building a diverse and inclusive place to work. Each episode touches on how DE&I applies to the entire legal industry.

You can listen not only for ideas about how to create your own team but as you think about the best ways to market your services to a diverse audience.

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13. Legal Toolkit

If you tune in here, you’ll learn from former practicing lawyer and current law firm management consultant Jared Correia.

Each episode is a mix of 2-3 topics on things like the future of legal tech or new pricing model options for lawyers.

Check out:

14. Technically Legal

This is the show for you if you’re into the latest legal innovations and tech options to uplevel your law firm.

Hosted by legal technology leader Chad Mann, these episodes will help you look at existing technology more critically and to determine the right mix for your law firm.

Check out:

15. Physicians Helping Attorneys

Attorneys need to know just enough medicine to understand how it influences injury cases, but they also must be aware of when and how to leverage medical experts.

If you’re practicing in workers’ comp, slip and fall, or accidents, you’ll enjoy this show hosted by two doctors who will make you more knowledgeable about the influence of medical diagnoses, treatments, and expenses for your clients.

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16. The Unbillable Hour

Law firm management expert and lawyer Christopher T. Anderson is behind the mic for this show.

Episodes cover many topics of importance to personal injury attorneys, from how to hire and retain the right people to tips for streamlining your days.

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17. Lawyer Stories

There’s no one way to practice law or run your own law firm. If you need some inspiration from the legal field, you’ll find short stories and motivation in this show spun off from the popular Instagram channel.

The host, Benny Gold, does an excellent job presenting a variety of viewpoints from all over the legal profession.

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18. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Host J. Craig Williams hosts exciting discussions of things unfolding in current legal cases and asks industry experts what they think it means in this show. There are over 600 episodes of this show, and it’s one of the longest-running legal podcasts out there since it launched in 2005.

Take a listen if you’re interested in public policy, court rulings, and up-and-coming conversations around the law.

Check out:

19. New Solo

Launching your own small firm is hard work. It’s even more work to figure out how to manage a small law firm. Thankfully, the New Solo show has you covered.

Law firm consultant Adriana Linares runs this show, providing her expertise and that of industry experts who discuss topics like networking, management, transitioning out of a law firm and into solo practice, and legal tech.

Check out:

20. Legal Tech Matters

The pace of technology is changing rapidly everywhere, but it has major implications for court, client service, and firm management for attorneys. The multiple hosts on this show make for fascinating discussions over legal technology and its applications.

Each show features hosting from industry experts Bob Ambrogi, Adriana Linares, Caroline Hill, Ari Kaplan, and Joe Borstein.

Check out:

21. Thinking Like a Lawyer

This show is brought to you by the same team that manages the Above the Law website. Editorial staff members Joe Patrice and Kathryn Rubino focus each episode on a major concern in the legal industry. They cover topics as diverse as layoffs, conferences relevant to lawyers, and trends.

Check out:

Thinking About Starting Your Own Podcast?

As you listen to more legal podcasts, you may start to think about hosting one of your own. Starting a legal podcast can be a great way for lawyers to reach their target clients.

There are several benefits to starting your own personal injury podcast, such as:

  • Sharing your thought leadership
  • Building trust with referral partners
  • Attracting new staff or attorneys to your firm

You can also repurpose podcast content for other marketing channels. For example, you can use clips from your show to create demand for your services on social media.

As you can see from the list above, many PI podcasts are geared toward other attorneys. That’s great if your goal is to build your profile and trust with peers. Many attorneys can leverage that into a solid referral network.

If your goal is to reach personal injury clients, a podcast may not be the top priority for your attorney marketing plan. Setting a firm foundation with content marketing efforts like SEO may be a better place to start. has helped attorneys build and enact their marketing plans for over a decade. If you’re looking for a comprehensive strategy to grow your law firm with marketing, we can help. Contact us today for a consultation to see what we can do for you.