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SEO ranking factors for personal injury law firms:

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Rankings MantiCore shows you how to rank your personal injury law firm using data from 200 U.S. cities. Click below to dominate your competition.

Focus your SEO Efforts in the Right Place

Google uses over 200 ranking factors to determine which page gets the coveted #1 spot. Which of those factors (domain authority, word count, readability score, and more) deserve your time and attention?

Rankings MantiCore shows you which ranking factors have the most impact on law firms ranking for personal injury keywords.

Crystal—Clear Competitor Analysis

See how law firms from Google positions 1 to 20 rate across fifteen different ranking factors.

How many backlinks does it take to get to page one? How fast does your site need to load? What reading level should your content be?

Rankings MantiCore shows you the exact numbers to aim for to reach your SEO goals.

Examine Your Local Competition

Law firms in Charlotte might need a fraction of the backlinks to rank that a firm in New York does.

Which ranking factors matter the most in your city?

The Rankings MantiCore database gives you real-time analytics for the top 20 pages in the top 200 cities.

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Personal Injury SEO Data That Drives Results

SEO for lawyers takes time and effort—especially in the personal injury sector. Nobody wants to waste valuable resources chasing dead-end metrics. With Rankings MantiCore, you’ll know exactly how the top firms in your city are ranking on Google.