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Tired of being burned by so-called SEO experts who fail to deliver results? We’ve spent our careers working with law firms and our sole focus has been on building SEO campaigns that generate more clients and cases using the Attorney Rankings System; the most efficient method for lawyers to get long-lasting and meaningful results from Google search.

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What is SEO?

Attorney Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves strategies, techniques, and tactics that help attract more prospective clients to a law firm’s website by obtaining first page ranking positions in search engines (such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo).

Why Attorneys Need SEO

There area number of ways you can drive traffic to a site and the unique thing about lawyer SEO is the long-term dividends it pays even after no further optimization work is being performed.
Leasing Visibility
By contrast, tactics like PPC (i.e. AdWords, Facebook ads, etc) are tantamount to leasing visibility for a law firm. Platforms like Findlaw or Justia are similar in that any promotional benefits law firms receive from those services disappear as soon as they go to another provider.
The Compounding Phenomenon of SEO
The optimization work done for search is long-lasting and will continue to drive traffic and leads, even after work has ceased. That’s not to say law firms only need to optimize a site once and never again, but rather that the impact of SEO leaves a more lasting impression.

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What are the Top 3 Ranking Factors?

Of course, Google looks at many other factors, such as those on our Periodic Table of Ranking Factors.  Links, Content and RankBrain themselves each are made up of many subfactors.  But these are the overall top three, officially confirmed by Google itself.

I. Content

Content provides a law firm with the opportunity to rank for potential keywords.  However, all of your competitors are going to have similar landing pages.  That’s why your content must be better and longer than your competitors.

II. Rank Brain

RankBrain is a component of Google’s core algorithm which uses machine learning to determine the most relevant results to search engine queries.  That’s why you have to have proper on-page SEO which targets keywords effectively and answers consumer intent.

III. Links

Links are the #1 ranking factor.  Think of “links” as “votes”.  If you were trying to win an election you would want to obtain as many votes as possible.  If you’re trying to win the first page of Google, you want to obtain as many quality links as possible.  Links are votes for Google.

How We Help The Attorney Rankings System

The Attorney Rankings System® is a proven SEO method that gets tangible and long-lasting results for our clients. Our methodical and systematic approach starts with a comprehensive audit followed by detailed scrutiny and optimization of on-site SEO, content, off-site SEO, and link-building. For more than a decade we’ve been developing The Attorney Rankings System®, a streamlined approach for ranking attorney websites in Google search.

I. On-site SEO for Lawyers

The structure of your site is crucial for helping it rank well in search. Your content, keywords, layout, and technical aspects need to be flawless if you want any chance of outranking your competition in the uber-competitive legal niche.

Our systems and processes for on-site SEO are entirely geared toward the legal vertical. We know the ins and outs of the top-performing keyword phrases in the attorney SEO space, use legal-specific schema throughout your pages, and are adept at understanding how to lay out the content architecture of your site to get maximum exposure for your practice area pages.

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II. Legal Content Writing

Content is one of Google’s top ranking factors in search. It’s also a key player for developing your firm’s authority in the eyes of potential clients. Without well-researched, well-written, and helpful content, your visitors won’t stay on your site long enough to determine if they want to hire you or not.

We have built one of the most comprehensive legal research guides in the SEO industry and used it to form an attorney content framework. Our legal style guide was born from years of attorney SEO work and allows us to craft superb content for which people actually search. The practice area pages and blogs (“Blawgs”) that we build for you are designed using the substantial resource lists our team has curated over the years.

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III. Local SEO for Attorneys

The real estate in Google’s local 3-pack is extremely valuable…and therefore extremely competitive. With only a few spots available to get in front of local searchers, your firm has to rank well in local results or risk not being relevant.

Our team uses a holistic approach to help you improve your rank in Google local search. We know the citations that generate the greatest impact in the legal vertical and our team takes full advantage of these online profiles to rank well in local search. We also have curated lists containing hundreds of legal directories and our location-specific link building campaigns ensure that you get the highest quality local links to help you rank for location-based phrases.

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IV. Link-Building Services

Links are Google’s number one ranking factor and they are arguably one of the most important elements of any SEO campaign. More often than not, link signals are what differentiates attorney sites that rank in top positions from those that do not.

We only build high authority links (those with high DR/DA) on reputable websites and that follow Google best practices for link building. We have spent years curating lists of high quality sites like attorney directories and law firm editorials. Our team uses clever, white-hat, and legal specific outreach campaigns involving infographics, scholarship campaigns, guest posting and link-bait tactics to get the highest quality, editorial-based links. These are the strategies that drive traffic and increase rankings in search.

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V. SEO Reporting

The information you receive from your SEO agency about your campaigns should be consistent, transparent, and easy to understand. The trouble is, with other agencies, it’s oftentimes none of those things. Reporting is frequently confusing, sporadic, and clouded in mystery.

Many agencies will just send you a generic report, failing to disclose what’s really happening behind the scenes. One of our core values is to provide radical transparency and we do that through monthly, consistent, and transparent custom progress reports. We explain the data in your reports and we show you everything we’ve done for the month with full transparency. All of our reporting includes a summary of execution where you can see the links we’ve built for that month and where they are, the content we’ve produced and where it lives, and the impact our activities have had on your site through rank tracking and traffic reporting. We also help you understand your reporting instead of sending off a PDF and hoping you just ‘get it’.

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How Rankings Does SEO
Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Does it Cost?

While it may be frustrating to hear, the cost of SEO can vary from business to business and there really is not a definitive answer that can be applied across the board.

The cost of a given SEO campaign is directly related to how much time, effort, and other resources are needed for a law firm to gain market share in search for their target keyword phrases.

For example it is far more difficult to rank on the first page for a phrase like “car accident lawyer Los Angeles” than it is to rank on the first page for “child support attorney Iowa”. Therefore the cost of these two campaigns may vary drastically.

The current state of optimization for a law firm’s website will also impact cost. For instance a site that has had no SEO done to it will take more time and effort to rank than a site already having some optimization work done.

These are only a handful of the factors that can influence the cost of an SEO campaign and only a detailed audit can inform how much it would cost to rank a website.

How Long Does SEO Take?

This question is subjective because not all SEO campaigns are exactly the same. Asking how long an SEO campaign takes is similar to asking how long it takes to build a house. It depends on what kind of house you’re building.

That being said, there are some trends in search engine optimization where we can sort of predict how long it takes before attorneys start seeing results. In general it can take around 4-6 months before you start seeing the fruits of a solid SEO campaign.

That time frame can vary based on the amount of resources available for the campaign, the competitiveness of the keyword phrases, and the amount of optimization work already done on the website among other factors.

Testimonials What Our Clients Say has been one of the best finds in my search for legal marketing. I have used numerous SEO experts over the years and have yet to find one that could keep up with the changing needs of my online marketing. Chris and his team have stood out as leaders in their field. He responds to every email or has someone in his team get back to me. And not only get back to me, but fix a problem and provide a suggestion on the best action to take. I am very pleased with the product has produced. I base my reviews on results and has provided results for my online presence. Randolph Rice Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice Jr, LLC
Before we hired we did our SEO in house. We were so reluctant to hire an outside company because whenever we met with people we felt like we always knew more than the people we were thinking of hiring. Until we met the team at Brian Zeiger The Zeiger Firm
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