Other firms rely on “hunches”

We rely on data

Here are some of the most interesting findings and data of our research:

May 05,2020


SEO Data Science: A Study of 112K Personal Injury Law Firms

Over the last seven years, we’ve learned from hands-on experience how to get incredible SEO results in the personal injury law niche.[…]

December 02,2020


Google My Business Ranking Study of Injury Attorneys in 426 U.S. Cities

For personal injury lawyers, a prominent Google My Business (GMB) profile is vital to gaining visibility with local clients. This is because the top-ranked GMB listings[…]

July 06,2021


How Proximity Affects Rankings and Local Search Results

When it comes to local search, we know that Google considers the physical distance between a user and a business in creating its search results.[…]

July 28,2021


The Power of Organic CTR in Google Rankings

Does organic CTR impact SEO rankings? In this study, we want to answer this question and test for the effect of increasing Click-Through Rates (CTRs) on[…]

Dec 14,2021


Yext Data Analysis: Expert SEO Demands

Yext, a company that provides enterprise search solutions based on natural language processing and artificial intelligence, publishes anonymized data on its Search[…]

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