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Tired of being burned by so-called SEO experts who fail to deliver results? We’ve spent our careers working with personal injury law firms. Our exclusive focus has been building SEO campaigns that generate more clients and cases by using The Attorney Rankings System®, a framework for attorneys who are as relentless in their pursuit of dominance in Google’s search results as they are wins for their clients.

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The retainer I pay – without any hesitation – is the best ROI of any marketing dollar I spend. It’s the most cost-effective way to get good, qualified cases.
Stewart Guss
(personal injury attorney with offices in Houston, New Orleans, Dallas, and Los Angeles)
Why Attorneys Need SEO

There area number of ways you can drive traffic to a site and the unique thing about lawyer SEO is the long-term dividends it pays even after no further optimization work is being performed.
Leasing Visibility
By contrast, tactics like PPC (e.g., AdWords, Facebook ads, etc) are tantamount to leasing visibility for a law firm. Platforms like Findlaw or Justia are similar in that any promotional benefits law firms receive from those services disappear as soon as they go to another provider.

The Compounding Phenomenon of SEO
The optimization work done for search is long-lasting and will continue to drive traffic and leads, even after work has ceased. That’s not to say law firms only need to optimize a site once and never again, but rather that the impact of SEO leaves a more lasting impression and pays long-term dividends.

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The Attorney Rankings System® is a proven SEO methodology that gets perpetual placement: tangible and long-lasting results for our personal injury clientele. For more than a decade we’ve been perfecting The Attorney Rankings System® and we have the results to prove it.

I. Specialized Account Management

If someone you knew was in a car accident, would you recommend that they see an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases or a general practitioner? With your focus on personal injury law, you know the inherent advantages that you offer a client when you accept their case.

Many SEO agencies take a generalist approach to account management, but you deserve better than to work with someone who just “knows about SEO.” Your account manager will be a proven and experienced expert in personal injury lawyer SEO. They won’t just understand SEO; they will have been carefully vetted before hiring, then meticulously trained until their practical knowledge is second-to-none.

Abraham Lincoln said, “If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first three sharpening my axe.” This is the approach you need with respect to account management. You don’t need to waste time with someone who is still sharpening their axe; you need someone who is holding a chainsaw.

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II. On-Site SEO Engineered for Personal Injury

It’s absolutely critical for a personal injury law firm’s website to be optimized properly. You want an agency that’s helped firms in numerous highly competitive markets, one that already knows from experience what the ideal hierarchical structure is and has the permalink blueprint in hand.

“[] is the real deal. Not only [do they] understand the ins and outs of helping clients improve their rankings, [they’ve] distilled that knowledge into a repeatable system that delivers predictable results. That level of mastery separates the men from the boys. When you work with [Rankings], you’re not rolling the dice. You’re working inside a well-oiled machine that is optimized for results.” – Andrew Dymski, ZenPilot

Your metadata, schema, website speed, and architecture will be flawlessly designed, which is a necessity if you want any chance of outranking your competition in such an uber-competitive legal niche. You will receive On-Site SEO systems and processes that have been precision-crafted for the legal vertical and further refined for personal injury practice specifically.

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III. Content Crafted with Scrupulous Attention

You’ll have at your disposal a content calendar specifically crafted for personal injury law. It has been refined and polished to target the actual queries that your prospective clients are using for their searches.

The Medic algorithm update was a game-changer for personal injury law firms. It focused on a few very specific industries and many studies concluded that it was largely about establishing trust metrics for them. All of your content will be created with the Medic Update in mind, including any necessary citations to march in step with Google’s new E-A-T (Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness) guidelines.

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IV. Elevated Local SEO

The virtual real estate in Google’s local 3-pack is extremely valuable…and therefore extremely competitive. With only a few spots available to get in front of local searchers, your firm has to rank well in local results or risk not being relevant.

“[] is without a doubt the best SEO company our firm has utilized. Over the last decade we have used several SEO companies with varying degrees of success. After [] took over our SEO efforts, we saw a dramatic increase in our online leads and presence within a brief period of time. I would recommend them to anyone looking to increase their online revenue stream.” – Tom Stroble, Michigan personal injury attorney

Your local SEO team will utilize a precise and thorough methodology to help improve your rank in Google local search. They know the citations that generate the greatest impact in the legal vertical and take full advantage of these online profiles to rank well in local search. They also have curated lists of directories and access to location-specific link building campaigns ensure that you get the highest quality local links to help you rank for location-based phrases.

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V. Link Building for Personal Injury Attorneys

Every agency says that they “build links.” The problem with that statement is that not all links are created equally. Topical relevancy is a critical component of proper link acquisition and that’s where many agencies stumble. Through a focus on the personal injury niche, you’ll receive links derived from close relationships with personal injury-specific associations, directories, and webmasters. In addition, you’ll also acquire links earned organically through production of high-quality content; that is, none will come from “paying bounties” (directly purchasing links), PBNs (private blog networks), or otherwise playing in the “gray areas” of SEO.

If this part of personal injury SEO were easy, everyone would already be doing it.

“In my capacity as a business coach to lawyers and their firms, I always emphasize to them the importance of working only carefully vetted marketing-related vendors who can prove they deliver strong results. I’ve worked with several web-marketing firms that focus in the legal space and it’s my opinion that Rankings is the most professional, competent, ethical agency out there.” – Bill Jawitz, Success Track Esq.

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How Rankings Does SEO
Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Does it Cost?

While it may be frustrating to hear, the cost of SEO can vary from business to business and there really is not a definitive answer that can be applied across the board.

The cost of a given SEO campaign is directly related to how much time, effort, and other resources are needed for a law firm to gain market share in search for their target keyword phrases.

For example it is far more difficult to rank on the first page for a phrase like “car accident lawyer Los Angeles” than it is to rank on the first page for “child support attorney Iowa”. Therefore the cost of these two campaigns may vary drastically.

The current state of optimization for a law firm’s website will also impact cost. For instance a site that has had no SEO done to it will take more time and effort to rank than a site already having some optimization work done.

These are only a handful of the factors that can influence the cost of an SEO campaign and only a detailed audit can inform how much it would cost to rank a website.

How Long Does SEO Take?

This question is subjective because not all SEO campaigns are exactly the same. Asking how long an SEO campaign takes is similar to asking how long it takes to build a house. It depends on what kind of house you’re building.

That being said, there are some trends in search engine optimization where we can sort of predict how long it takes before attorneys start seeing results. In general it can take around 4-6 months before you start seeing the fruits of a solid SEO campaign.

That time frame can vary based on the amount of resources available for the campaign, the competitiveness of the keyword phrases, and the amount of optimization work already done on the website among other factors.

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Hear from personal injury clients has been one of the best finds in my search for legal marketing. I have used numerous SEO experts over the years and have yet to find one that could keep up with the changing needs of my online marketing. Chris and his team have stood out as leaders in their field. He responds to every email or has someone in his team get back to me. And not only get back to me, but fix a problem and provide a suggestion on the best action to take. I am very pleased with the product has produced. I base my reviews on results and has provided results for my online presence. Hear from personal injury clients Randolph Rice Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice Jr, LLC personal injury lawyer seo client
Hear from personal injury clients
Before we hired we did our SEO in house. We were so reluctant to hire an outside company because whenever we met with people we felt like we always knew more than the people we were thinking of hiring. Until we met the team at Hear from personal injury clients Brian Zeiger The Zeiger Firm
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