Google Local Service Ads
for Personal Injury Lawyers

Get more personal injury leads every month with local services ads for a flat-rate fee.

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"Our revenue has increased, we have more calls and more leads coming in, and our rankings have improved across the board."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Local Services Ads for personal injury laws cost an average of $230 per qualified lead. This amount can vary based on things like the size of your market and the level of competition you’re bidding against.

How much you spend per month depends on your revenue goals. You won’t convert every lead into a case. We can help you do the math if you’d like. Just reach out and let’s have a chat.

When someone searches for a legal service in an area where a firm is running Local Services Ads. Whether your LSA appears or not depends on these 4 key factors:

  1. Proximity of your firm’s location to the searcher.
  2. Review quality and quantity. You’ll want a system to consistently get good reviews from clients.
  3. Response time and your intake process. People want answers quickly. Develop an internal system for working leads that come in via LSAs.
  4. Your hours of operation. This is less of an issue for attorneys, but ideally, you’ll want to have some system to handle intake 24/7 so you can set your location’s business hours accordingly.

No, unlike Google Ads, you can’t granularly control what keywords trigger local services ads (LSAs). However, Google will only display ads for keywords related to the categories you select that they believe signal the person is looking to hire a firm.

Yes, you can dispute leads you feel are irrelevant. Google will review it will credit the cost of the lead back to your account if approved.

400 %

Increase in clients

3440 %

Increase in search
engine traffic

300 %

Increase in
cases per month

What’s our process like?

How We Do Local Service Ads for Personal Injury Lawyers

Reach more leads looking for injury attorneys just like you.

Setup & Google Screened

Benefit from Google vouching for your expertise.

Integrated with SEO

Integrate LSAs with the rest of your SEO & marketing initiatives.

Monthly Reporting

Maximize the ROI of your LSA budget with reports rich with data.

Local Service Ads Managed by Experts Specializing in Personal Injury Marketing

Only Pay for Real Leads Worth Real Money

Stop wasting money on irrelevant clicks or leads that aren’t a good fit – you only pay for leads genuinely interested in hiring your firm.

Fixed Pricing Regardless of Ad Spend

We charge a fixed-rate to run your ads so don’t have to sacrifice budget you could be spending to get more leads and grow your firm.

Monthly Reports to Keep You Updated

We keep you in the loop with a monthly report that breaks down how much it costs you to get a case, what you pay per lead, and chargebacks for disputed leads.

“The number of site visitors and the amount of visibility have increased markedly since was first engaged. Their consistent communication, responsiveness, and understanding of marketing technologies justify the investment and make them a valuable partner. ” 

Brent Sibley
Dolman Law Group

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