Get a Twitter account. Write and publish some blog posts to rank on Google. Buy TV ad space. These are all well and good, but your firm needs some out of the box ideas to stand out from the crowd.

The foundation of marketing is to match creativity with demand. You already know who your target audience is and their most common frustrations. Your marketing plan should include new ways to deliver the message to them.

You don’t need to pull your hair out to come up with bold and innovative ideas. We’ll give you a launching pad to consider fresh, impactful ways to meet your clients right where they are.

What is Out of the Box Marketing?

Standard marketing runs along familiar lines that attorneys have relied upon for years. Think of traditional marketing in the form of billboards, newspapers, or television ads. Or digital marketing channels like search engines, online ads, or social media.

Out of the box marketing takes a small step outside the standard practices in favor of newer approaches. For example, you can use newer tools like TikTok or a different tone of voice to stand out from your peers.

Stepping outside of the box doesn’t mean getting rid of the fundamentals. You can still use traditional or digital marketing channels. What changes is how you use them.

Out of the box marketing tends to work best when paired with proven marketing efforts. The time-tested results of standard marketing channels deliver more often than not. This gives you free rein to test new waters with a few out of the box ideas.

Traditional vs. Out of the Box Marketing Examples

To help you step outside of traditional marketing ideas, we’ll start off with some examples.

Casual, Down-To-Earth Approach vs. Buttoned-Up and Professional

@mattthelawyer Law, ✨zoom edition✨ #fyp #MAKEYOURMOVE #lawyer #law ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

The legal industry has a niche vocabulary that flies over the heads of everyday people. A casual, down-to-earth approach goes against the grain of your more buttoned-up peers.

This method can look like using relaxed, informal language in a blog post. You could also try wearing more casual clothes in your video advertisements. The more relatable you are to a stressed or distrustful audience, the better.

Billboards vs. Murals

People expect to see advertisements for lawyers on billboards or giant screens. They blend into the background while people commute.

But an original mural showcasing your firm’s passion for a case well done could turn a few more heads than usual.

You could commission a mural from a local artist to show your connection to your community. The illustration could also have a local flavor, such as natural imagery or a famous public domain building.

Investing in something more artful than your face on a billboard could help you stay top-of-mind with prospective clients near you.

Pamphlets vs. Everyday Items

A pamphlet uses visual design and text to give your clients a full picture of what you do, why you do it, and exactly where to find you. When potential clients receive one, they already know it’s an advertisement designed to get a result.

Printing your logo or slogan on a thumb drive, coffee mug, or bookmark seems strange to some law firms, but that’s exactly why it stands out. You’d normally find this kind of approach for, say, a cafe or a library.

This easygoing, top-of-mind marketing reminder could be what your clients need to view your firm positively.

Instead of a piece of paper with your picture on it, potential clients get something they can use all the time. Everyday items can be a gentle reminder you’re available during a time of need.

TikTok Videos with Commentary Car Crashes

@thepaynelawyer Five things to never do after a car accident… 🚘 #viral #lawyer #legaltips #caraccident #tips #foryoupage #tiptok #fyp ♬ Violin – Grooving Gecko

TikTok’s overnight fame is remarkable but not at all difficult to understand. With a bite-sized format for delivering information or entertainment, this platform is a reliable way to get your clients tuning in. Over 136 million people in the United States tune in to TikTok as a way to get news, pass the time, or find products.

One way to capture your audience’s finite attention is to create educational TikTok videos for common legal issues, such as car crashes.

This marketing tactic works well to keep your business at the forefront of peoples’ minds. If someone experiences a fender bender, your video may be the first thing they think of.

You don’t have to limit yourself to car crashes, either. Divorce Lawyer Denise is a popular TikToker who uses the platform to engage with potential divorce clients. Since divorce is a difficult topic to discuss, her casual approach is a breath of fresh air.

Live Events for People Interested in a Career in the Legal Industry

While skill-based learning is better than ever, people miss the interactive element. When someone doesn’t have the time to sign up for a college course, you can create live events as a suitable stand-in.

Live events give your clients the thorough educational experience of a class without a heavy price point or time commitment.

Even better, they get to interact with you to increase the value of their experience. These events are prime for generating leads with increased engagement.

When up to 80% of consumers prefer a livestreamed event over reading a blog post, you’re already on your way to meeting your clients’ needs.

Documentary Style Content Series about Product Recalls

Documentary-style content slots neatly between bite-sized videos and long seminars. They’re entertaining on their own but function as a way to build trust with leads by showing off your expertise.

This content can be one-off videos or lengthy series involving compelling stories. Better yet, you don’t have to start completely from scratch. You can repurpose news stories and offer your educated perspective on the matter.

This tactic is something that hasn’t quite caught on with lawyers yet. One example from outside the legal industry is ProfitWell’s documentary How Skype Blew a 10-Year Lead to Zoom. This video repurposes existing content to analyze Zoom’s rise and Skype’s fall in the video call industry.

Like TikTok videos, these mini-documentaries function well as top-of-mind marketing. More often than not, your customers keep coming back because they genuinely enjoy what they watch.

Partnerships with Local Business Owners for Referrals

A flurry of marketing checkboxes can have you overlooking what’s right in front of you. Organic partnerships with local business owners solve many problems in one fell swoop.

Local business owners you can consider partnering up with include:

  • Physical therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Car dealerships

These partnerships don’t happen overnight but are highly beneficial in the long term. Partnering with businesses that work in areas that overlap with your services is a great way to increase qualified leads. Many of these referrals are people who already need your services.

Find a Marketing Partner Who Gets Your Industry

Marketing agencies run a dime a dozen. Each of them promises you they’ll skyrocket qualified leads and propel you past competitors.

But the agencies with the highest chance of landing that promise are specialists who understand your industry inside and out.

Agencies that understand the legal field know how your business works, what your clients want, and what ethical restrictions lawyers must abide by. You’ll get more than technical polish, but the strategic insight to ensure your firm is being represented well.

At, we focus exclusively on law firms. We design our marketing campaigns with your unique challenges in mind. Contact us today to learn how we can help you sharpen your strategy and think outside of the box together.