49. Kathleen Martinez, Martinez immigration — Break Out of The Box: Own Your Brand

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Kathleen Martinez has a distinct and bold style. Her very existence forces people to examine the stereotypes of what a successful female lawyer looks like. Blond hair, all pink branding, marketing almost exclusively on TikTok, smart as a whip, and here to win. Managing Attorney at Martinez Immigration, she struck out on her own when confronted with employers who diminished her capabilities and put her in a box.

Today, she shares the viral story of how she walked away from her sexist boss – and took the firm’s clients with her when she left. We also discuss the importance of having a supportive community to encourage your dreams and how social media is helping move the needle when it comes to transparency at firms across the nation.

What’s in This Episode?

  • Who is Kathleen Martinez?
  • How her direct experience with sexism shaped her firm?
  • How technology leads to transparency and, ultimately, accountability.
  • Why did Kathleen lean into the all-pink branding?
  • Why she brings women who are legal social influencers onto her team?

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