For lawyers who create engaging content, Instagram is a key platform for building brand name awareness, trust, and likeability.

Knowing how lawyers can use Instagram to get the best results, however, can be challenging. Many lawyers already excelling with Instagram can provide you with inspiration and a roadmap for success.

Follow these 25 profiles to get motivated to create your own thriving law firm Instagram channel. Discover what makes these accounts work so you can adapt the strategy for your law firm content marketing needs.

Should Lawyers be on Instagram?

Instagram is a very visual platform that gets overlooked by law firms when it comes to social media marketing. The average user spends 30 minutes on Instagram a day. Many want to see what influencers like artists, celebrities, and influencers are up to, but law firms can also gain traction here with a smart approach.

Instagram only works for lawyer social media marketing if you know that your target audience spends time there already and if you have a clear plan. Here’s some general data about the typical demographics on Instagram to help you determine if your clients are lurking there:

Since Instagram trends towards a young and savvy audience, it may not be the place for you if you’re selling elder law legal services. Still it’s a great place to connect with personal injury, criminal, immigration, and family law clients. Decide first if your audience spends time on Instagram before committing to a plan.

Best Lawyers on Instagram

The best lawyers on Instagram create informative, interesting, and varied content on their channels. Rather than sticking to straight one-image style posts, they mix it up with:

  • Carousel-style posts with multiple images (great for “x tips” or “x myths” posts
  • Reels (short videos, often with text overlay, similar to TikTok style)
  • Stories (a series of photos or short videos that “expire” after that day

Reels, for example, make up 30% of the time people spend on Instagram daily. Instagram reels also get reshared up to 1 billion times a day, so even slotting in a few of these per month could make a big difference in your engagement on the platform.

Note that each of these top performers gets points for doing something unique and impressionable. Refine your approach by thinking about your personal and law firm style that most likely resonates with your target clients.

1. @LawMcKinney

Example of an Instagram post from @lawmckinney

The consistent posting strategy, simple messaging, and solid branding all work to this family lawyer’s advantage. Not only do his posts stand out because they’re all in black and white on an otherwise color-heavy platform, but they also reflect consistent branding.

Focused on collaborative law, all the posts feature tips into common family law challenges or information about the attorney directly, with a nice mix between the two styles.

2. @BrownRudnickLLP

Example of an Instagram post from @brownrudnickllp

This business transaction and litigation firm has many lawyers, but they do a great job of introducing individuals and teaming up to showcase all that the firm has to offer.

They vary the posts from static images with text to short clips from interviews and videos.

3. @Omelvenymyers

Example of an Instagram post from @Omelvenymyers

This global law firm loves to celebrate their staff’s achievements it shows. Their branded saved stories highlight their pro bono work and intentional commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

If you manage a bigger law firm, adding new staff, like summer associates, is an excellent opportunity to show how you’re molding the next generation of legal practitioners.

Model how this law firm brings a human face to its new additions by uploading more than just a standard professional headshot.

4. @dlapiper

Example of an Instagram post from @dlapiper

This global law firm earns points for making a massive enterprise feel more approachable. They do this with their posts that humanize the “who” behind the brand and make good use of various styles of Instagram posts.

Even their Instagram bio tagline hints at their goal on the platform of giving people a glimpse into their firm and the culture inside it.

5. @mylawyeramina

Example of an Instagram post from @mylawveramina

Another trademark lawyer to make the top of our list, Amina frequently does videos with images overlaid and music in the background to make her point.

She turns real-life examples into quick case studies on legal issues in her field, making her seem authoritative and on the cutting edge of trademark law.

Female Lawyers on Instagram

You’ll notice some common aspects of what works on Instagram, such as having a handle related to your legal practice or firm name, posting regularly, and maximizing each character in your bio.

Get inspired by these five accounts from female lawyers who lay the groundwork by executing each of those, but are also noteworthy because of how they’ve personalized their strategy.

6. @attorney.jlbell

Example of an Instagram post from @attorneyjlbell

The posts on this Texas family lawyer’s feed are all branded well but also feature things like reminders about scheduling summer visitation.

She does a great job of making herself appear approachable and always looks professional in all of the photos on her feed, too.

7. @imanimwilliamsesq

Example of an Instagram post from @imanimwilliamsesa

This lawyer sees the value in cross-posting content on Instagram and TikTok. That’s the good news for busy lawyers who put in the time to create great content. This injury lawyer features behind the scenes pictures from her office, insight into the demand and settlement process, and practical tips for injury victims.

8. @AllisonKierman

Example of an Instagram post from @allisonkierman

This estate planning lawyer brings a heartfelt approach to planning for life’s unexpected events. She even tackles complex subjects like fertility treatments, breaking it down into questions her potential clients might want to answer with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer.

She closes these posts with a clear call to action and uses imagery that gets people’s attention.

9. @lawyerchandlerj

Example of an Instagram post from @lawyerchandlerj

If you think making your practice interesting enough for Instagram posts might be hard, this is a solid account to follow.

This trademark and branding lawyer’s shares all look similar but include distinct practical tips and behind-the-scenes stories of what’s really at stake for companies that don’t protect their IP.

10. @Antonella_Esq

Example of an Instagram post from @antonella_esq

This niche-focused lawyer knows her audience of beauty company professionals probably spends time on Instagram, which is why this is a perfect use case of social media marketing for lawyers.

She uses text-heavy image posts, pictures of herself, and even videos talking about beauty industry blunders and legal cases.

This feels like a no-brainer account to follow for a current or aspiring beauty company founder because it’s rich in information about what it takes to set up a new business and thrive doing it. Lawyers, too, will get a lot out of the wide variety of content.

Black Lawyers on Instagram

In the legal field, equity and inclusion are serious issues. Among practicing lawyers, only 14% are people of color. Potential clients, however, want more diversity in law firms.

For black lawyers, Instagram is an opportunity to showcase who you are and what you do to set yourself apart from your peers.

11. @attorneycrump

Example of an Instagram post from @attorneycrump

Ben Crump has a big following on Instagram, coming in at 485,000 followers. He’s an outspoken figure with current events and ensures that’s reflected in his Instagram strategy.

Note in the example above how many times he’s posted about Tyre Nichols at the height of the dialogue in 2023. These shares are mixed in with other relevant lawyer posts, but it makes people want to follow him to stay up to speed on important legal issues of the day.

12. @janica_law

Example of an Instagram post from @janica_law

Every post on this channel is branded with contact information, but not in a way that distracts from the intent of the image and accompanying text.

Even when you’re using fewer images and relying more on text with your channel, adding visual elements like icons and different font sizes can keep things interesting.

13. @AprilJonesLaw

Example of an Instagram post from @apriljoneslaw

April Jones built one of Colorado’s most successful family law firms and now manages the firm and its lawyers.

Her Instagram channel is a good example of cross-postable content because each visual is clear and interesting enough to perform well on LinkedIn and Twitter, too.

Unique imagery with simple titles gives a chance for her to talk about her broad experience in the field of divorce.

14. @georgeoginni

Example of an Instagram post from @georgeoginni

This personal injury lawyer is growing his following on Instagram quickly by posting content regularly and including elements like videos, images, and music melded together.

He talks about successful settlements/verdicts but also has what he calls “DIY Personal Injury Lawyer,” where he gives tips to people about how to do things like finding their own police crash report.

15. @theatlantainjurylawyer

Example of an Instagram post from @theatlantainjurylawyer

There are excellent tips and breakdowns on the images shared on this channel. They all look related but not repetitive, which is a clear way to tie things together and get your brand noticed on Instagram.

Note the inclusion of different colors in the font and icons in the art, too.

Famous Lawyers on Instagram

From former presidents and ambassadors to attorneys made famous in popular culture, there are plenty of well-known lawyers on Instagram. Even though many aren’t practicing law actively, they provide solid examples of how to build and maintain a personal brand.

16. @BarackObama

Example of an Instagram post from @barackobama

Lawyers no longer practicing actively may use Instagram more, introducing their followers to who they are as people outside of work.

Even if you are currently practicing law, it’s nice to let people know a little bit more about you and your law firm when you can. You can get a lot out of his social media savvy by following his account.

17. @djlegaleagle

Example of an Instagram post from @djlegaleagle

Devin Stone achieved incredible success on YouTube. He has also taken smaller snippets of his videos and translated that over to Instagram.

His posts mostly relate to major cases you’ve heard about in the news, with his legal take included. However, he also talks about common misconceptions to help people get up to speed with various aspects of the legal system.

18. @gloria.allred

Example of an Instagram post from @gloria.allred

Allred earned her stripes taking on difficult and controversial legal cases, including representing the woman known as “Jane Roe” in the historic Roe v. Wade case.

Today, she continues to share her stories of advocacy and helping victims on her Instagram channel.

19. @erikankullberg

Example of an Instagram post from @erikankullberg

Erika Kullberg isn’t actually known by most of her followers because of her legal work, even though parts of her business have touched on things like contracts and trademarks. Her story about quitting a big law job to start her own thriving influencer business has earned her a substantial following on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

While most of her focus is on personal finance, her background as a lawyer lends authority to her tips. It’s also worth watching because she frequently breaks down complicated financial ideas into short videos where she plays two characters and bounces back and forth. This style could work really well for lawyers, too.

20. @lawbymike

Example of an Instagram post from @lawbymike

Mike Mandell makes the list as a famous attorney because of his track record of gaining followers with entertaining videos.

With over 640,000 followers on Instagram, he’s used his personality to keep people’s attention and provide details that are very helpful for injury victims.

Personal Injury Lawyers on Instagram

Injury attorneys have a great opportunity to grow a following on Instagram when interesting content, hashtags, and like-worthy images collide.

If you’re stuck on what to come up with for a personal injury channel on Instagram, here are five accounts getting it right.

21. @411pain

Example of an Instagram post from @411pain

Although there’s nothing funny about people who are seriously hurt in accidents, this lawyer makes candid and humorous videos that are worth following.

He uses a lot of Instagram reels to relate things back to his legal practice. Above, he’s featured with his colleagues in an “On Wednesdays we wear pink” reel.


Example of an Instagram post from

When writing captions for Instagram, you can keep them brief or dive into more detail. If you have more information to share, mix it up with statistics or emojis like Attorney Kim has done here.

23. @_ellisinjurylaw

Example of an Instagram post from @ellisinjurylaw

This law firm picked a unique color for their branding with purple, and many of their Instagram posts stand out because of that. They use funny memes to get their ideas across but also do nice recap posts like the one above where they discuss their value proposition.

24. @cesar_ornelas_law

Example of an Instagram post from @cesar_ornelas_law

This injury attorney is also active in his community, as evidenced by the scholarship his law firm offers to area teens. As you craft your own plan for generating interest on your legal Instagram posts, remember to snap photos or share about how your law firm gives back, too.

25. @Attorney_Amanda_Demanda

Example of an Instagram post from @attorney_amanda_demanda

If you’re often getting winning settlements and verdicts for your injured clients, don’t be afraid to share what it’s like in the trenches.

Results speak volumes about your firm and show potential clients how you approach cases. Covering your outcomes is a good strategy as it happens, but make sure to include other concepts like frequently asked questions, too.

Create Your Instagram Posting Plan

Remember that Instagram is just one option for law firm social media marketing. Some of the content you create for TikTok and Facebook may also be cross-posted on Instagram.

Now that you know what works on Instagram, brainstorm how you’d approach building your law firm following there. What your Instagram account will look like depends on your unique qualities, such as who you serve, your unique value proposition, and your overall law firm marketing strategy.