Since 2005, articles have been penned about the ‘death of blogging’, but in 2020, everyone knows that content is king! This week’s podcast guest Jeff Rose built his personal finance multimedia empire thanks to his dedicated blog, Good Financial Cents. Over the years, Jeff expanded his reach and boosted his SEO ranking by crafted dedicated content. But what if you’re already pumping out great articles to no avail? If you’re not getting enough hits, there’s a weapon in the blogging arsenal that you’re going to want to try: guest blogging.

What Is Guest Blogging?

In simple terms, guest blogging or guest posting is the acting of writing content for another organization’s website. The general rule of thumb is you’d want to stick within your industry (although cross-industry blogs can be used to great effect!).

Guest blogging is about mutual benefits. You’ll be getting a spot on someone else’s website, and they’ll be sharing your insights to benefit their audience. If you guest blog for someone else, you can also consider featuring their posts on your website.

Why Should You Guest Blog?

“Wait, why would I write content for other people’s websites?”

By writing a guest post, you’re automatically positioning yourself as an authority figure on your chosen topic. It can be easy to dig yourself into too narrow a niche on your own site, so guest posts are a great time to switch it up. Choose a different focus, and you’ll prove you’re no one-trick-pony.

A well-written guest blog post can:

  • Attract traffic back to your website
  • Boost your website domain authority by linking to high-authority domains
  • Increase brand credibility and awareness for your firm
  • Build relationships with other attorneys

Every personal injury attorney wants fresh leads from their marketing, and guest blogging in one way for your juicy content to reach as many eyeballs as possible. It doesn’t stop at prospects either! Everyone in the legal industry is an avid content consumer, so you’ve got a greater chance of reaching your peers and expanding your sphere of influence.

How To Get Started

The easiest way to start guest blogging right away is to look to your network. While you might not consider writing for your competitors, your local market has numerous firms that aren’t in direct competition. If you focus on personal injury trucking cases, arrange to swap blogs with an attorney who works with medical malpractice.

If you want to go for top blog spots, The Rankings Podcast guest Jeff Rose suggests you approach cold requests like you would any networking event. First, build a relationship, and suggest collaboration later along the line. Jeff’s suggestion for getting a ‘yes’ goes something like this:

“I saw your website and you’ve got a lot of good stuff – but you don’t have anything that talks about X. I’d love to write an article that shares Y which would be very helpful for your readers!”