Sonya Palmer,

Director of Operations



Internet Marketing Bio & Experience

In 2009, I began helping small businesses navigate a rapidly evolving digital space. I churned through hundreds of ideas and projects (iWeb, anyone?) and found that SEO was the best avenue to operate creatively but with predictable results. It offers original answers to an established set of questions, can attract new clients and users, and generates powerful new leads. And that’s really what I am interested in—how to use Google to make you money.

I studied instructional design at Bowling Green State University and also taught college level web design and development.

I’m passionate about project management and productivity. I enjoy trying to marry analog with digital tools and techniques to achieve both a familiar and comfortable platform that is still willing to adopt new technology and methods.

When I’m not studying search engines, I like to visit new places and coffee shops. And shooting film cameras. 

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Sonya Palmer

Director of Operations

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