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That’s why all of our staff, from the top to the bottom, operate on a policy of answering all client communication within 24 hours, no matter what.

Whenever you have a question or a concern, give us a call or send us an email and you’re guaranteed to receive a personal, well-considered response. 

Andrew Finkelstein Quote About Working with SEO Agency for Personal Injury Lawyers,

“There is an impressive level of communication and a clear mutual goal of enhancing the site to find results. They are one of the few SEO companies that does not offer excuses but rather solutions.”

Andrew Finkelstein,
Jacoby & Meyers

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Delivering exceptional service and aggressive growth means limiting who we work with.

Our clients are our partners: we implement quickly, communicate openly, and invest seriously to dominate the search engines.

SEO is an investment; so is law school and studying for the bar. 

Many clients see a return on investment in as little as six months.

You'll have a team of personal injury marketing experts fighting to put you at the top

We specialize in SEO & marketing for personal injury lawyers

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If you meet our criteria for the type of firm we work with, you get a free consultation with one of our senior SEO strategists. 

We will discuss your needs, challenges, and goals for your SEO.  

After your free 30-minute Exploratory Consultation, you’ll come away with 3 invaluable things

An initial diagnosis of why your current SEO efforts aren’t working for you.

A clear understanding of the main ways your SEO could be improved.

An invitation for a detailed, personalized SEO Discovery competitive analysis.

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Our Outlandish
Risk Reversal Offer

If within 60 days you don’t feel confident in our ability to help you achieve your SEO goals, or think you have a better option anywhere else… We will not only refund your money…

We’ll also call whichever competitor you’d like to try next, and personally pay for their first month’s retainer.

We have such a high success rate with our clients, we’ve never had to do this. But on the off chance you were dissatisfied, we absolutely will. It’s precisely our sky-high success rate that allows us to reverse the risk for you. Ready to try it?

Chris Dreyer
CEO & Founder

You'll have
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“Accountability starts at the top. 

Most agencies hide behind excuses and jargon. They take your money, work hard for a month, then coast.

You deserve better; that’s why we exist. 

We will personally be involved in your campaign, from  strategy to execution. I invite you to hold us accountable – starting right now. 

Whether you’re skeptical, curious, or just want to connect, we’re excited to show you that we’re not all talk.”

-Chris Dreyer, CEO & Founder

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