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Hometown: Bend, OR
Education: 1st Graduating Class of Virtual Reality and Multimedia in USA from the University of Advanced Computer Technology, Tempe, AZ
Interests: Music, Astrotheology, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Permaculture, Aquaponics, Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing Bio & Experience:

After my military career operating as a military intelligence analyst, my interests in data collection, analyzing, and reporting, continued as the world-wide web was beginning to take shape. I was reverse engineering search algorithms for the top search indices back when, Alta Vista, Northernlights, Excite, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and many more were competing for search space (well before the Google giant we know now). This lead me into a small start-up company called which I was the Vice President of Research and Development. I created the proprietary digital marketing template used for all clients and travelled across the United States assisting in sales meetings, investor relationships, and SEO related business partnerships. Now with over twenty years experience with digital marketing, design, animation and print production, I have been able to witness the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising. I enjoy analyzing data, sharing knowledge, providing training and working towards the success of my clients and team.

Personal Bio

In my free time you will find me either snowboarding, mountain biking, fishing, or working on my permaculture farm off grid. When I am too tired for outdoor recreation, I am usually reading about astrotheology and syncretism. On occasion, I will crank up the generator and my electric guitar and create a riff.

Todd Stager

SEO Architect

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