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We understand SEO can be complex. We’ve helped 100s of professionals execute The SEO Rankings SystemTM and gain first page rankings for their business.

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The SEO Rankings SystemTM is our proven methodology for ranking websites on the first page of search results. Our systematic approach boils search engine optimization down to the very best and most effective tactics for ranking websites.

We perform a rigorous audit of your website and overall online presence. We look at elements of onsite your SEO, including all parts of your website that can be optimized for search. We also dive into offsite factors such as social media presence and link acquisition. has provided SEO services for businesses in extremely competitive verticals. We constantly improve and refine our methods to get the very best results for our clients and to stay on top of search industry trends. Our clients enjoy exposure on hundreds of different websites and explosive online growth.

Our relentless commitment to being the best at what we do has earned us a reputation as one of the industry’s best SEO companies. We understand the challenges that all kinds of everyday businesses face when they try to promote their brands online. SEO can be complex, time consuming, and it’s not always clear on who you can trust. Our goal is to help organizations achieve the rankings, leads and revenue growth they expect from their website. We also pride ourselves on the transparent approach we take with our client’s SEO campaigns.

  1. The SEO Discovery AuditTM Process
    The SEO Discovery AuditTM is the first step in the journey toward search marketing success. Before we do any work on your website, we perform a comprehensive audit of your existing digital assets.Our industry-leading SEO audits accomplish two main objectives:

    1. Reveal any existing SEO issues.
    2. Determine what has to happen to make your site rank well in search.

    We scrutinize every square inch of your website and its online presence to find the weak links in the chain.

    This is a chance for and you to see what’s working, what’s not working, and identify the steps we need to take to get you the results you want.

    You get a recorded walk-through of your audit so you can know exactly what all those metrics and measurements are talking about.

    This gives you a clear picture of what to expect, and a roadmap you can use to measure your progress.

  1. The SEO Discovery AuditTM Review

    Once we finish auditing your digital assets, we deliver the information to you via PDF. In addition, you will also receive an actionable video that explains and expands on the information contained in the audit.Where most SEO companies give you a document and wish you luck on interpreting it, we go one step further and outline all of the issues we see and provide tips on fixing them. All in an easy-to-digest video.

  1. The SEO Rankings SystemTM
    Typically once audit work is complete and you’ve had an opportunity to watch your deliverable, we follow up with next steps.The audit allows us to give you a realistic estimate on that it would cost and the time it would take to fix the issues we see on your site. We provide a complete run-down of The SEO Rankings SystemTM below:

1. On Site SEO

This is the part of SEO over which you have direct control, because it relates to the internal elements of your website. Many elements like your site’s layout, the length and structure of content, and technical aspects, contribute to success in search.

The structure of your site is critical for ranking well in search and The SEO Rankings System helps make that possible. Your site’s content, its code, and the way it is built all contribute to how well it ranks in search.

We go over all of these elements, ensuring that each one is set up in a way that creates one big, strong foundation for your site to rank well for target keyword phrases that will bring you more leads, more customers, and more revenue.

2. Content Writing / Social Media

Good content is key to ranking well in search. People come to the internet for information – and if you’re the business that provides it in your space, you’ll be the one who gets the most eyeballs on your site.

Content is crucial for ranking well in search and can help you generate high-quality articles, blog posts and web copy to achieve that goal. Our content producers can help position your business as an authority in its space.

Our team of SEO professionals are experts at curating content that your audience will find valuable. We also curate your content on for maximum brand exposure. We create and optimize law-firm profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and over 60 other top-tier social media networks.

3. Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for getting found by local consumers. People are using mobile devices more and more to find local businesses online. We submit your business information and website to hundreds of the most authoritative local website directories.

The location of searchers has become a key factor in ranking websites meaning small businesses have to focus on local SEO. optimizes local SEO elements like Google Maps, citations, local links, and reviews among many other items.

We use citation tools like Yext to build consistent citations across the Internet. And we also implement other location-based search strategies including local link-building, business-specific address schema and location-specific keyword optimization.

4. Link-Building Services

Links are the common differentiator among sites that make it to the first page of search results and those that do not. Our link-acquisition techniques are extremely creative and consistently solidify our clients in premium positions in organic search.

Earning links from high-quality websites can help your site rank higher than your competition in search.

Links are one of Google’s top three ranking factors in search. We’ve curated a list of directories, social properties, citation websites, guest-posting opportunities, and video submission sites that numbers in the thousands. We craft unique link-acquisition campaigns that convey authority, ensure longevity and a create stellar reputation for your firm.

5. Reporting & Analytics

Translating complicated SEO metrics into meaningful information is a key part of this whole process. After all, if you can’t put SEO results into proper context when making business decisions, what’s the point of doing it? delivers timely, accurate and understandable reporting so that our clients can make important business decisions. We help you understand how your SEO campaigns are working, so you don’t have to guess. works hard to ensure our clients understand the progress being made on their website and exactly how the changes are impacting their business.

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"Chris and his team developed a website for me that exceeded expectations. They are professional and thorough. I am working with them to start a campaign to increase my online marketing and cannot wait to see the results."
"Chris is a man amongst boys. He really knows his stuff. Before we hired Chris we did our SEO in house. We were so reluctant to hire an outside person because whenever we met with people we felt like we always knew more than the people we were thinking of hiring. Until we met Chris."
"Chris is an excellent SEO specialist! I opened a criminal law practice in Chicago about two years ago. As part of my marketing strategy, I focused on internet marketing. Specifically, I wanted to rank locally on Google's first page for search terms such as "Chicago criminal attorney."