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We understand that SEO can be complex. We’ve worked with 100s of professionals to execute The SEO Rankings SystemTM that has helped them grow their business.

SEO for Physicians

The Rankings System for physicians is a proven method of search-engine optimization that generates long-lasting results for doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other medical professionals. We have honed our system in other verticals and adapted it to work well in the medical industry. We perform a detailed audit of your website, and follow it up by applying rigorous onsite and offsite SEO tactics to boost its rankings in search. provides SEO services for physicians in highly competitive markets. Our system leverages best practices for SEO audits, onsite SEO optimization, offsite link-building and local SEO that can attract huge volumes of traffic to your site.

We understand the medical industry and the steps needed to rank web pages. Our overall goal is to help medical professionals grow their practice through high-quality SEO. We understand that physicians are extremely busy with their craft and don’t have time to worry about matters like SEO and digital marketing.

That’s why we’re here. You can trust the professionals at to polish your online search presence. We use only the most advanced techniques to safely optimize your site for search.

1. On Site SEO

Our SEO Audit & Discovery process for physician websites is where we learn all about you, your goals and your website.

The SEO Audit shows us exactly what we need to do to get first page rankings for your practice. Our SEO audits are extremely thorough and help uncover potentially serious issues with your website.

This helps us (and you) understand the challenges associated with making your site perform better in search. You then get a detailed SEO report, along with a recorded walk-through that helps you understand the metrics it contains and how they relate to your practice.

2. Medical Content Writing / Social Media

Your website is the centerpiece of your presence in search. Onsite SEO is all about creating a solid foundation from which all other offsite optimization can grow. Like a house, if your site lacks a solid foundation, the rest of the SEO work won’t be as strong.

Onsite optimization positions your site for success in all other aspects of SEO that we perform. We configure everything from titles, meta descriptions, headers, page copy, internal linking and content to canonical URLs, robots files and SSL certificates. hits all the onsite elements, including title tags, meta descriptions, page copy, URLs, technical elements, internal linking and more. Our onsite optimization ensures a solid footing from which more advanced SEO campaigns can be confidently launched.

3. Local SEO for Physicians

For physicians, publishing high-quality content is essential for portraying an authoritative and helpful presence in search. Consumers are constantly searching for medical information online, and physicians should be the authority in their space for consumers.

High-quality content positions you as a health care provider that knows they’re stuff. Content is a vital part of ranking well in search engines and maintaining an active presence in social media.

The distribution of that content is also crucial for exposure online. We curate your content on for maximum brand exposure. We also create and optimize physicians’ social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and over 60 other top-tier social media networks.

4. Link-Building Services

The common denominator among sites that rank well and those that do not is links. No one earns links for physicians like Our innovative and effective link-building techniques earn our physician clients some of the most authoritative and long-lasting links on the internet. employs unique and creative techniques that earn physicians high-quality and long-lasting links to their site. We focus on high Domain Rating links that move the needle on site rankings for health care providers.

We’ve curated lists of directories, social properties, citation websites, guest-posting opportunities, physician-specific directories and video submission sites that number in the thousands.

5. Reporting & Analytics

Doctors, dentists and other medical professionals need to be able to understand the SEO metrics that impact their website and ultimately their business.

Get detailed reporting on how your SEO campaigns are doing on a regular basis. An essential part of our job is translating SEO metrics into meaningful, actionable information for your practice.

But SEO reporting can be confusing, so takes steps to ensure you understand the relationship between your SEO campaign’s success and your practice. Our reporting is transparent, timely and detailed, so you can be confident that your SEO investment is paying off.

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