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SEO Audits For Lawyers

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the set of tactics used to configure a website to rank well in search engines.

This includes the structure, content, internal and external elements of the site. The most important factors that influence where a site ranks in search include its content, the inbound links pointing at a website as well as the experience users have on the site when they visit.

What is an SEO audit?
What is unique about an audit from Rankings.io?
What tools are used?
Who performs an SEO audit?
What elements are covered in the audit?
What happens after the audit?

What is the SEO Discovery AuditTM?

The SEO Discovery AuditTM is a comprehensive top-to-bottom analysis of a law firm’s website.

This analysis encompasses every aspect of an attorney’s website with the objective being:

  1. A high-level picture of what SEO elements need to be fixed.
  2. A tangible deliverable in the form of a PDF and video walk-through that attorneys can have for reference.

There are numerous factors covered in The Attorney Rankings Audit, the most notable being:

  • The identification of purchase-intent keywords to target.
  • An understanding of the technical SEO elements that need to be optimized.
  • A comprehensive competitor analysis where you see who the attorneys are to beat in your local geographic region.
  • An exposure of on-page elements that need to be fixed.

The SEO Discovery AuditTM is performed before any other SEO work begins. In fact we do not work with clients until they have gone through the audit process.

Audits are very common in the SEO industry and many companies perform them before beginning work.

These audits not only help clients understand the scope of what needs to be done, it helps agencies plan for expenses and efficient delivery of service.

What Kind of Tools are Used in an SEO Audit?

There are a variety of different tools used to analyze a website as it relates to SEO. For example in The Attorney Rankings Audit we use a variety of software programs and data points to come up with the information in our audits.

The use of multiple tools and data sources can provide a more holistic view of a website’s search health. It is often difficult to get an accurate portrayal of how a website shapes up in search using only a single tool.

Who does the SEO Discovery AuditTM?

Our audits are performed and reviewed by an SEO specialist. Our experienced staff stay informed on best practices in the SEO industry and are the best-trained to spot errors and inconsistencies when it comes to SEO. They are also able to interpret the subtle nuances in reporting that can help attorneys decide what is a priority for their search marketing efforts and what is not.

Elements Covered in the SEO Discovery AuditTM

The items we cover in The Attorney Rankings Audit are always shifting because Google changes its algorithm more than 600 times per year. Here is a high level view of what we do:

Onsite Audit Elements

Onsite Audit Elements

Keyword ResearchTitle Tag Optimization
Broken Link AnalysisIndexing Review
Duplicate Content AnalysisHeader Tag Optimization
Navigational Hierarchy EvaluationMeta Description Analysis
Keyword TargetingPermalink review
Alt attributesImage File Names
Substantial Content ReviewStructured Markup
Site securityPage Load Speed
Sitemap AuditIndustry-specific schema evaluation
Mobile-friendly testProper setup of Google Analytics and Search Console

Offsite elements include:

  • Linking
  • Social presence
  • Citations

Even though our list of off-site elements only has four items listed above, each one of those categories contains many person-hours of analysis. The scope of an audit can also change based on a website’s structure, the CMS that it is built upon, and a variety of other factors.

Another important note to make is that The Attorney Rankings Audit is not just a list of issues with your website. It is a detailed roadmap of SEO bottlenecks on your site combined with insightful interpretation from an SEO consultant on how they should be fixed.

Next Steps

After your audit is complete, the next part of the process is all about fixing areas of concern and improving upon areas of weakness to make your site rank better in search for given keyword phrases.

As we mentioned before, a systematic approach is taken to optimizing your site. We have a unique process made just for attorney websites that leverages your existing assets and focuses in on attorney-specific SEO opportunities.

Stand-Alone SEO Audit Services

We understand that not all attorneys will be ready to invest in their SEO right away. We do offer The Attorney Rankings Audit as a stand-alone service.

The information contained in the audit can be used to optimize your site on your own. After the work has been completed, you get a detailed video walk-through that elaborates on all of the items contained in your audit with tips on how to fix them.

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