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What Is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is a practice where internal and external elements of a website are configured in a way to make the website more easily understood, friendlier and more “findable” by a search engine.

SEO covers many different aspects of a website from the way a website is coded and organized to the type and structure of its content.  The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to achieve higher rankings in search-engine results pages for given keyword phrases.

What is an SEO audit?
What is unique about an audit from Rankings.io?
What tools are used?
Who performs an SEO audit?
What elements are covered in the audit?
What happens after the audit?

What is an SEO audit?

SEO audit services are an in-depth analysis of a website as it relates to search engine optimization.  In SEO, an audit looks at every possible element of a site that can potentially be optimized.  The goal is to get a concise picture of a website’s SEO health.   In other words a high-level view of what could be done, what has been done and what needs to be done to get the site to rank well for a given set of keyword phrases.

Among many other things an audit can help you:

  • Identify important keyword phrases to target
  • Understand and prioritize technical improvements
  • Point out your closest competition and what they are doing to rank ahead of you
  • Reveal onpage elements that could be optimized

Audits are generally performed before any SEO work begins, so that an agency can learn what has been done to a website and what hasn’t. Often there may be some sort of deliverable for the website owner, such as a report showing what the audit found and a list of action items.

At Rankings.io, our first step in working with any site is a detailed SEO audit.  Not only does it help us understand how to help our clients but site owners receive a valuable deliverable they can use for future reference.

An SEO Audit from Rankings.io

The Rankings.io SEO audit service is a multi-point, in-depth analysis of your website that creates a solid foundation to work from. Our clients receive a detailed, easy-to-understand report on the condition of their website as it relates to SEO. We leave no stone unturned in our mission to deliver an industry-leading audit of your online search presence.

What Kind of Tools are Used in an SEO Audit?

The tools used to perform an SEO audit can vary, and there’s almost always more than one tool used. For example, the SEO audit services performed by Rankings.io use a variety of software programs and data points to come up with the information in our audits.

The use of multiple tools provides a more comprehensive overview of a website’s search health. It’s often difficult to obtain an accurate, holistic snapshot of all elements – like onsite factors, citations, and inbound linking – using a single tool.

Who performs SEO audits?

An audit is generally performed by an SEO professional. Some aspects of an audit could conceivably be outsourced, but each agency will approach its audits in a different way. At Rankings.io, our client’s audits are performed by experienced SEO specialists using our refined SEO audit checklist.

The Rationale for an SEO Audit

A site owner might have a variety of reasons for wanting (or needing ) an SEO audit. One obvious reason is to initiate the process of ranking the site for a specific keyword phrase. Other reasons could include evidence of an algorithmic or manual penalty.

Audits can provide a bird’s-eye view of a website’s search presence so that a competitive strategy can be designed or any penalty can be discovered.

Elements Covered in an SEO Audit

The elements we audit are always changing (mostly because search algorithms are always changing) but here are some things we look for:

Onsite Audit Elements

Keyword ResearchTitle Tag Optimization
Broken Link AnalysisIndexing Review
Duplicate Content AnalysisHeader Tag Optimization
Navigational Hierarchy EvaluationMeta Description Analysis
Keyword TargetingPermalink review
Alt attributesImage File Names
Substantial Content ReviewStructured Markup
Site securityPage Load Speed
Sitemap AuditIndustry-specific schema evaluation
Mobile-friendly testProper setup of Google Analytics and Search Console

Offsite elements include:

  • Linking
  • Social presence
  • Citations
  • Index status

This list is deceptively simple, because each element includes many factors and special considerations for configuration. There’s also no rigid structure that all websites can follow. Tactics and strategies that work well for one industry may not be applicable or appropriate in another.

It’s also important to point out that an SEO audit is not just a list of problems. It also contains insightful analysis of the issues your site is facing, along with a concrete plan to fix them.

What happens after an SEO Audit?

Typically, the next steps after an audit are all about optimizing the areas of concern. After all, the analysis is meant to uncover problems that could cause a website to rank poorly in search results. After an audit is performed, a systematic approach should be taken to optimize the site for search.

Rankings.io also offers standalone SEO audit services that clients can take advantage of. They simply get the results, and use them however they see fit. For clients who sign up for our SEO services, an audit is the first step in our coveted discovery process and serves as the foundation of all the other SEO work we perform on our client’s websites.

Once we perform an audit on your website, you get a detailed video overview on areas of concern. This helps you understand how to interpret different parts of the audit without having to decipher it on your own. In the video we give you clear descriptions of what things mean as well as tips for fixing areas of concern.

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