Scholarship Campaigns

Authoritative links from reputable sources are a key ingredient in getting your site to rank well in search. specializes in scholarship campaign design, implementation and outreach, which can produce a unique PR and SEO experience for our clients.

A well-designed and executed scholarship campaign not only improves your position in search; it also creates an amazing PR opportunity for your firm. These innovative campaigns also generate opportunities for earned links through social channels and news media outlets.

What is a Scholarship Campaign?

One of Google’s top three ranking factors are the inbound links that point to a website. All else being equal, the quality and quantity of the inbound links pointing to that site can positively influence the site’s position in search. Not all links are created equal, and .edu links tend to be some of the most authoritative on the internet.

A scholarship campaign is simply a monetary offer to schools and their students to help pay for educational expenses. The idea is that schools will link to your website to promote the scholarship opportunity to their students. Informational materials – such as a description of the scholarship, how to apply and application methods – are housed on the attorney’s website.

Do I Have to Offer a Lot of Money?

No. When people think of a scholarship, they tend to think of a full-ride scenario where they pay many thousands of dollars for someone’s education. Realistically, most scholarships are in the more affordable $1,000 to $2,000 dollar range. In other words, you don’t have to offer a lot of money to make your scholarship appealing to students.

Do Schools Really Go For This?

Not all schools are eager to promote funding resources, but many actively seek out innovative funding opportunities for their students. After all, the cost of education has only increased over the past several decades. Colleges often jump at the chance to offer current and potential students new ways to help pay for their education.

Additional Benefits of Offering a Scholarship

Ultimately, the goal of offering a scholarship is to acquire authoritative links to your website. However, a offering a scholarship offers numerous other benefits for lawyers:

  • Positive PR for the firm: Supporting education is never a bad idea. Lawyers who are open to creative scholarship ideas (such as those that combat social problems) are much more likely to gain positive attention for their firm in addition to authoritative links.
  • Earned Links: Earned links are links that attach to your website without you having to do it on your own. Scholarships that get a lot of attention because of their controversial nature or because they touch on a popular social topic are likely to get earned media attention (which eventually can result in more authoritative links from well-known news sources).
  • Improve Your Local SEO: Links can come from local schools with local IP addresses. This helps boost signals for local searchers.
  • Social sharing: People love to tell their friends about opportunities to save money, and college- aged kids are almost always glued to their social media. A well-executed scholarship campaign can garner tons of exposure on social media.

There are hundreds of different legitimate ways to build links to a website, but few strategies offer the well-rounded marketing and SEO advantages of a scholarship campaign.

Case Studies

It’s much more beneficial to see first-hand how these campaigns have worked for our clients. Read our case study here about how we acquired over 100 .edu links for one of our law-firm clients. And here are two more examples of campaigns that leveraged unique application processes for their scholarships.