107. John Gomez, Gomez Trial Attorneys What it Takes to Become a Preeminent Trial Attorney

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John Gomez is one of the top-performing trial lawyers in the nation. Since 2005, Gomez Trial Attorneys has won multiple seven to nine-figure cases and secured over $750 Million for their clients. John uses an arsenal of tools to emotionally connect the jury with the moment of injury and loss.

Today, we dig deep into what it takes for a PI lawyer to become a great trial attorney.We cover pre-trial preparation, crafting compelling stories, strong opening statements, and getting the restitution your client deserves.

Whats In This Episode

  • Who is John Gomez?
  • Turning problems in the case into advantages early on
  • How to select focus groups, stay on track, and not get lost in your own narrative
  • Use the rule of three to create your opening arguments
  • Establishing reciprocity with your judge and jury in the courtroom.
  • Managing expert and character witnesses
  • Turning your plaintiff into a hero
  • Crafting a strong closing argument

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