105. Jeremy Tissot, Tissot Law Firm The Journey to Your Niche

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Jeremy Tissot is the founding partner of the California-based Tissot Law Firm and an expert in litigating TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) cases. Hes created a name for himself through his high-profile cases and his charitable work on the board of the LA Trial Lawyers Charities, which has donated over $5M to those in need.

I sat down with Jeremy to talk about his journey across the legal industry, from defense to plaintiff, and partner at one firm to starting his own. Well cover how Jeremy broke into the conference circuit and developed an expertise mid-career. Listen on for more!

Whats In This Episode

Who is Jeremy Tissot?

How did Jeremy became the youngest-ever partner at his first firm? And why did he leave?

What did it take to break into the conference clique?

How did Jeremy become an expert in TBI?

Jeremys advice to established lawyers at conferences

Why Jeremy gives backthrough charity and mentorship

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