Personal Injury Research Guide: A Resource for Personal Injury Lawyers
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Personal Injury Research Guide: The Ultimate Resource for PI Attorney Content

Chris Wissmann on February 2019

Remember those five-paragraph essays you had to write in grade school? Remember how the teacher made you cite at least three sources to make sure you didn’t just make it all up?

Google feels about website content the same way your teachers did about those papers they made you write. Links to legitimate websites add authority to your content. They let Google know that you aren’t making it up—that your content is based on credible information from reliable sources. Appropriate use of those links can improve your website’s rankings.

That’s why you’ll see links to outside sources in the content that provides—and why your content should incorporate them, too. We have listed some of our frequently used sources below for you!

Type of Injuries

Brain Injuries

Burn Injuries

Catastrophic Injuries

Causes of injuries

Nursing Home Abuse Data

Product Liability

Spinal Cord Injuries

Workplace Injuries

Wrongful Death

Causes of Vehicle Accidents

Aggressive Driving

Impaired Driving

Senior Driving

Teen Driving

Vehicle and Accident Types





Common Carriers

Hit & Run

Motorcycle Safety and Accident Statistics





Vehicle Accident Statistics

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