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Hometown: Southgate, MI
Education: Business Management
Interests: Video games, Cooking, Bowling, Steering Wheel Rockstar – Pretty much everything except raw tomatoes

Internet Marketing Bio & Experience:

My background was mostly administrative and agricultural before moving to a farm in rural Kentucky. After the birth of my daughter, I began freelance writing, blogging, and trying my hand at marketing.

I ended up working for a content marketing company for over ten years, as well as having my own (mildly) successful blog. I’ve helped run marketing campaigns and content promotion for mid to large-clients, as well as helping create, edit, and proofread content across platforms.

My background has allowed me to gain experience in many areas, and has given me a very diverse and useful toolkit from which to draw knowledge.

Personal Bio

I currently live in Southgate, Michigan. I have a 6 year old daughter, as well as a one-eyed cat, a mini-pin with a fake leg, a hedgehog with an attitude problem, and an always-starving Beta fish. I also love dinosaurs, chocolate chips and peanut butter (don’t knock it till you try it), and video games.

Megan Wilson

Offsite SEO Specialist

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