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What is Law Firm Video Advertising? Interview with Tighe Wilhelmy

Law firm video advertising is a relatively new service many law firms are not taking advantage of. Video allows you to build rapport with your prospective clients in a way that no other form of media can. With video advertising you can selectively target consumers with many of the same laser targeted methods that other pay per […]

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What Are Animated Explainer Videos, and How Might They Benefit Your Law Firm? Interview with John Socratous of wizMotions

Animated video marketing is starting to thrive within the digital landscape. Many business online are using explainer videos to better showcase their products. These videos are becoming more prominent in the legal industry as well. We interviewed John Socratous of wizMotions, the master of video animation, who helped us better understand explainer videos and how they might help your law firm. Thanks, […]

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Video Marketing Tips for Attorneys: Interview with Gerry Oginski

Video is one of the most popular activities for people to engage in online.  We love video because its easy to digest, entertaining, educational and fun.  Lawyers can market their practices using video but knowing where to start can be daunting.  Gerry Oginski1 of Oginski-law.com2 (and maker of over 900 online videos) shares some of […]

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