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SEMrush for Lawyers: Find out what keywords other law firms are targeting

SEMrush for Lawyers: Find out what keywords other law firms are targeting High-level and comprehensive data is crucial for being successful with online marketing. Search analysis tools like SEMrush1 help attorneys set bench marks, measure campaign performance and get fresh ideas on what to do with their site. We’ve done posts in the past about […]

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The Tools I Use: A Resource Page for Attorneys

It is difficult to recommend a tool if you have never used it before. uses a variety of tools on a daily basis to analyze and improve websites.  If you are looking for software in any of the following categories, these tools come with our highest recommendation. Free and Paid SEO Tools Domains and […]

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Benefits of Chat as Lead Generation Tool for Lawyers

Consumers now operate in a multi-channel world1.  People looking for a lawyer may search causally on their mobile phones, see advertisements online or hear them on the radio on their way to work.  They may do more diligent research once in front of a computer. The more opportunities lawyers can provide for people to connect, […]

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Keyword Planner for Lawyers

Keywords are a foundational part of SEO. Without pages that target the right keywords, visitors will not be able to find your site and if they do, the pages may not be relevant.  There are a lot of keyword tools1 online for doing keyword research and Google’s (formerly the Keyword Tool) is known as the Keyword […]

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4 Law Firm SEO Tools to Track Your Progress

Using Google and other search engines is not a great way of tracking where your site falls in the SERPs.  In fact this can be very misleading1.  It may be better to use SEO tools specifically designed for checking rankings and other information about your progress.  Third party tools avoid things like personalized search, location-based […]

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How To Do An Onsite SEO Analysis Using WooRank

Seeing a comparison of tools in a blog post can be helpful but a step by step on how to do an analysis with an SEO tool is so much better. I use Woorank1on a regular basis and thought I would take the opportunity give readers an overview on how it works and how to […]

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Top 10 SEO Chrome Extensions

Chrome has a lot of sweet extensions that can help you do quick SEO work while browsing the web. Chrome extensions are free and simple to install, and they provide valuable information about your site. If you’re an attorney doing your own search marketing or if you just want to check on the SEO health […]

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How To Use The Google Disavow Links Tool

In the past, webmasters pretty much had one solution for getting rid of spammy links pointing at their site.  Contact the owner of the website, ask that the link or links be taken down and pray they were nice about it (or responded at all).  That process remains the first and best course of action […]

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Top 3 Competitor SEO Analysis Tools for Law Firms

Lawyers doing their own SEO need tools to be successful but it can be challenging to find software that does what you need it to and that is trust worthy. Just like there are a lot of fly-by-night SEO providers out there that will take your money for less than optimal services, there are also […]

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5 Free Google Marketing Tools Attorneys Should Use

This post no longer has 5 tools because we have added more! Google has a compelling interest in helping site owners put their best foot forward in search.  Attorneys who are willing to learn can find a bunch of free tools from Google to help them do SEO on their website.  Attorney Rankings has highlighted […]

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Local Citations for Lawyers – What They Are & 2 Citation Finding Tools

As search engine algorithms continue to evolve, it is important to recall the importance of creating a legitimate presence online. While constructing an eye-catching website and creating useful backlinks1 is a great place to start, making sure that you are mentioned by others in your own community has become crucial. By making use of local […]

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