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Avoiding Over-Optimization of Your Anchor Text

The ways in which links to your site are configured are just as important as where they come from. Google clearly states in its quality guidelines that it doesn’t want anyone building manual links to their sites. We all know that isn’t realistic, and you can also build manual links to your site that are […]

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How Can I Tell If My Site Is Affected By A Particular Algorithm?

When you aren’t seeing the results you thought you would from search, it’s easy to start thinking the algorithms don’t like your site.  In a recent webmaster video, Matt Cutts answers a question from a user about how to tell if your site has been affected by an algorithmic penalty. Google offers a lot of […]

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How to Remove a Manual SEO Penalty: Interview with SEO Specialist Jake Bohall of Remove’em

What better way to learn about removing links and recovering your site than from an expert who makes a living helping others do it.  Today I’m fortunate to have Jake Bohall of Virante Inc. giving some candid advice on removing links from a website. 1. How do I know if my site has been manually penalized? […]

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How to Identify Harmful Backlinks

The links leading to your site are still an important and powerful factor for search engine optimization. Despite many improvements in Google’s processes for finding and serving quality content1, links still play a big role.  In fact links are one of Google’s primary ranking factors2. If you have bad links leading to your site, the chances […]

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How To Use The Google Disavow Links Tool

In the past, webmasters pretty much had one solution for getting rid of spammy links pointing at their site.  Contact the owner of the website, ask that the link or links be taken down and pray they were nice about it (or responded at all).  That process remains the first and best course of action […]

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15 Ways an Attorney Can Get an SEO Penalty

It has been said that a man who represents himself has a fool for a client. The same thing could be said about a person who does their own SEO. Ok so maybe optimizing a website isn’t as complicated as practicing law but you can still mess things up if you don’t know what you’re […]

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Algorithm Penalty Recovery Tips for Lawyers

Google’s Panda1 and Penguin2 updates have changed the way search engines function. Unfortunately, those changes may have also been accompanied by massive penalties to some law firm websites3; around 12% of all search traffic was impacted simply by Panda’s initial roll-out. If you are among the many that were or continue to be impacted by […]

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Getting Rid of Bad Backlinks for Lawyers

A standout link profile is at the heart of legal search engine optimization. This sort of online networking not only aids in the connection to related sites, but it also satisfies Google’s search algorithms in a manner that significantly boosts your website search rankings. Unfortunately, a poorly maintained link profile can cause a significant damage, […]

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