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Getting Started with Google Plus for Attorneys

One of Google’s most notable attributes as a company is that it is not afraid to fail. They have had their fair share of flops1 yet Google Plus (the company’s most successful social endeavor to date) is not quite2 the flop people thought it would be. In fact, there are numerous studies and evidence3 that […]

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Lawyers: How to Easily Syndicate Your Content With Hootsuite

Hootsuite1 makes it incredibly easy for lawyers to automate content publishing and social syndication with relatively little effort.  If you are an attorney active on multiple social media sites sharing your blog posts or other content, you should look into Hootsuite2.  Lawyers can use it as a social media management and content syndication tool that […]

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Attorneys: Increase Your Presence in Search Using Google Plus

Google uses many factors in its search algorithm and although social is purported to not be one of them1, there is no denying that it plays some kind of role in high rankings2. Aside from outside sources of influence such as Facebook, Twitter and other big names, users of Google Plus are already more likely […]

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Adding a Google Plus Badge to Your Law Firm Website

A good way to showcase your brand, let people know you are active on a network and show how many others you are connected to is by installing a Google Plus badge on your website. Depending on your current setup, this is a pretty simple task to accomplish. You can make a Google Plus badge […]

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5 reasons Why Attorneys Should Embed G+ Posts

We talked about how to embed G+ posts1 in a previous entry. Now we would like to talk about the reasons why embedding posts on your website can be beneficial.  Here are five reasons why attorneys should embed Google Plus posts on their website pages. Highlight Interesting Conversations Sometimes when you start a conversation on […]

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Attorneys: How To Amplify Your Social Media Efforts

Being active on social media is great for your firm, but when you are ready to take it to the next level, there are a ton of other enhancements you can make to help extend the social reach of your online brand. This post is all about how to use social media extras and third […]

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HootSuite Benefits and Features for Lawyers

Managing one social network is pretty simple. Once you start becoming active on two or three with any kind of decent strategy, management becomes cumbersome. There is no shortage of social media management tools1 these days, but I wanted to talk about HootSuite2 for a few reasons. It is easy to use, reliable and the […]

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My Law Firm’s Social Media “Must-Haves”

Attorneys can potentially spend a lot of resources marketing their firm online.  Whether you are limited on funds, time or both, there are some bare essentials that all firms should strive to create for their online presence. Back in 2012, LexisNexis published a post1 on the top 10 essentials for law firm blogging.  The tips in […]

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Lawyers Using Videos and Images On G+

Usability studies and heat maps suggest that visitors are drawn mostly to images, graphics, videos and other similar content. I’ve heard some people say that they only go on some networks to look at images or video. It is estimated that 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text. Attorneys can […]

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The Effect of G+ On Search for Lawyers

A brilliant aspect of Google’s business model is that it ties in search with many of its other applications. In a nutshell, the company takes its core competency and applies it in one form or another to the other things that it does. This goes for Google Plus as well and your activity on the […]

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Google Plus Hashtags for Lawyers

Hastags are perhaps one of the most storied pop-culture phenomenon of the social media age. They are used in comedy skits to parody social networks and are common on integrated marketing materials. You can use hashtags on a lot of the major social networks now and this post is about how and why they are […]

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