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Migrating Your Website from Justia to WordPress and More

“I moved from Justia to WordPress and did not lose ranking and love having my own WP site. The key is keeping your good links. Also migrate to a good host like Synthesis and use a good theme provider like StudioPress. Also use the Yoast SEO plugin.”  ~+Robert Ottinger1, owner of OttingerLaw.com2   Moving your […]

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Onsite SEO: How to Optimize Your Site with SEO

Onsite SEO refers to optimization of the elements on a website that allow search engines to crawl, analyze, index and return relevant results for users. These optimization tasks are performed on the website itself as opposed to tasks performed elsewhere on the internet to influence a site’s ranking. Examples of onsite SEO include: The optimization of […]

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Attorney Schema: Better Visibility in Search

What is Attorney Schema? Schema is HTML markup that can be applied to content so that it can be understood by machines.  There is schema specific for law firms1 that lets search engines know the content is related to attorneys. Schema can be applied to all kinds of information like phone numbers, addresses, geo-location, operating […]

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Long Form Content & Why It’s Important

What is long form content? Long form content (as it relates to SEO) is all about text-based articles, blog posts or page copy that is more than just topical.  It is content written to cover a topic in great detail. Because of its comprehensive nature, content like this tends to be lengthy (in excess of […]

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Top Keyword Research Tips for Lawyers

What is Keyword Research? One of the core goals of SEO is targeting keyword phrases to rank for.  A website needs to target one or more keyword phrases to rank for in search.  Also known as keyword research1, this discovery process is all about finding what terms have both healthy search volume and are relevant […]

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Canonical URLs for Lawyers

What is Canonicalization? This is a computer science term for standardizing data that has more than one representation.  As it relates to SEO, canonicalizing URLs refers to consolidating the paths by which content on the web is accessed. For example content on a website could be accessed at http://www.example.com as well as https://www.example.com.  Even though […]

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Internal Linking Best Practices

What is Internal Linking? Internal linking refers to the way pages on the same domain are linked to one another.  Link authority or ‘link juice’ flows from page to page across domains and the same is true from page to page on the same domain. The way pages are linked together on a website is […]

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Website Hosting for Law Firms

What is it? Website hosting is the service used to store the files that make up a website.  Web hosts may also be domain name registrars that ensure an attorney’s domain name points at the files that make up their website.  Hosts also may provide services like database creation and management, server maintenance, and support. […]

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Onsite SEO for Lawyers: 404 Error Pages

What are they? A 404 error page is a page that is returned when some other page is not available on a website.  404 is the error code interpreted by the browser.  Most websites have a default 404 error page template that is used yet it is common for most lawyers to not customize this […]

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What are meta descriptions?

The meta description is a 150-160 character HTML tag that is displayed by search engines in results pages.  It gives searchers a brief synopsis of what a page is about before they click on it.  Meta descriptions are often shown by search engines if they contain a keyword phrase that a user typed into the […]

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Onsite SEO for Lawyers: User Experience for SEO

What is it? UX is shorthand for user experience or the experience that people have when using a website.  As it relates to SEO1, Google has placed a ton of emphasis on the practice.  They even made it a ranking factor for mobile2 in 2015.  Usability is important for SEO because the quality of a […]

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Law Firm Bounce Rates & Avg. Time On Site Numbers

What are these metrics? Time on site refers to the length of time that a visitor spends on your website.  It can be calculated for a website as a whole which would include the time the visitor came to your site and the time they left regardless of how many pages they viewed (unless they […]

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