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Local SEO for Defense Lawyers

Defense law firms face an incredible amount of competition in local search.  With a client base that are heavy search users, criminal defense attorneys have an enormous opportunity to get leads from local SEO1. Elements like citations, local business listings, local directories, links from local business organizations like the BBB2, and location-specific pages are all […]

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How To Do An Avvo Group Claim

One of the most important parts of legal SEO1 is making sure that you have the right backlinks in place (along with a good linking strategy2). One of the best backlinks that you can utilize is Avvo3 (Domain Rating 73), a service that helps potential clients to find highly qualified attorneys in their own areas. If […]

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Top 3 Free Law Firm Directories

Attorney SEO is extremely competitive. A big part of ranking well for your search terms is obtaining links from other websites. Links (or backlinks) from contextually relevant legal directories can help attorneys get exposure to consumers looking for legal services while earning high-quality links. Free or low-cost directories should be carefully vetted for quality. Below […]

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TOP 100 Law Firm Directories (2017) – Attorney SEO Directories Ultimate List

Note that submitting to directories is important for attorneys and so are citations.  These are mentions of your firm name on other websites.  Building out hundreds of these listings is a powerful search signal however it can be very time consuming.  Bright Local can help you build hundreds of citations in a very short period […]

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Best Free Law Firm Directories

Below is a list of some of the best free law firm directories we have found. Lawyers should be careful anytime they use a directory as a link source. Make sure the site is reputable, and remember that the fact that it’s free does not mean it is low-quality. Optimizing a site for search using free directories […]

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Law Firm Yelp Marketing and How to Make Reviews Stick

User-generated content has always been a boon for search engine optimization.  Reviews from Yelp can be very powerful, and the company has developed a reputation1 for being a stickler when it comes to users’ submissions on the site. Can you blame Yelp?  Once the power of reviews for SEO2 was realized, everyone gravitated toward consumer-driven […]

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What Can Cause Poor Local SEO for Law Firms?

Dozens of factors can contribute to why your law firm might be showing low or not showing up at all in Google local rankings1. Aside from possible manual actions2 that could be applied to a business listing, the reasons potential clients cannot find you in the SERPs are often an easy fix. Note that it […]

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7 Ways for Attorneys to Increase Conversions

Sometimes the smallest things can cause users to abandon a conversion process.  Forms that are too long, calls to action that are hard to see, lack of trust, slow load times and ambiguous processes are just some of the culprits that kill conversions.  Check out these 7 ways to improve conversions on your law firm […]

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Semantic Markup for Lawyers

In an earlier post1 we talked about how to leverage personalized search by adding Microdata markup to elements of your web page.  This post will dive a little deeper into that concept and show attorneys content that should be marked up so the rich effects will be displayed in search. Why is Schema Tagging Important […]

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Lawyer Ranking Signals for Apple’s Siri

Voice-activated search has thrown a new variable into the SEO equation for attorneys.  Potential clients looking for a law firm are often searching from their mobile phones, making voice search more convenient. Users of voice search perform queries differently from keyboard users.  Check out these tips on optimizing your site for Apple’s Siri. Data For Local […]

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How to Rank Multiple Law Firm Office Locations on Google Maps

Ranking multiple locations in Google Maps is possible but not always something lawyers think about. Attorneys do not often have multiple offices and they also do not operate in the same way a retailer would with multiple locations. Attorneys can service people at their homes, offices or anywhere else and do not necessarily need clients […]

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The Top 25 Attorney SEO Questions

Here are answers to 25 of the most common questions asked by attorneys as it relates to SEO. What’s the Difference Between SEO and SEM? These acronyms are sometimes used interchangeably but they describe two different concepts. SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the tactics used to make a site rank well in search for […]

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