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How To Do An Avvo Group Claim

One of the most important parts of legal SEO1 is making sure that you have the right backlinks in place (along with a good linking strategy2). One of the best backlinks that you can utilize is Avvo3 (Domain Rating 73), a service that helps potential clients to find highly qualified attorneys in their own areas. If […]

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Top 3 Free Law Firm Directories

Attorney SEO is extremely competitive. A big part of ranking well for your search terms is obtaining links from other websites. Links (or backlinks) from contextually relevant legal directories can help attorneys get exposure to consumers looking for legal services while earning high-quality links. Free or low-cost directories should be carefully vetted for quality. Below […]

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TOP 100 Law Firm Directories (2017) – Attorney SEO Directories Ultimate List

Note that submitting to directories is important for attorneys and so are citations.  These are mentions of your firm name on other websites.  Building out hundreds of these listings is a powerful search signal however it can be very time consuming.  Bright Local can help you build hundreds of citations in a very short period […]

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The Attorney’s Guide to Link Building

Links are perhaps one of the most important factors1 in ranking web pages. They are at the very foundation of Google’s algorithm and are the key method of navigation from website to website all over the globe. In SEO, there are numerous different ways to acquire links. Some strategies do not involve a lot of effort, whereas others require […]

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Best Free Law Firm Directories

Below is a list of some of the best free law firm directories we have found. Lawyers should be careful anytime they use a directory as a link source. Make sure the site is reputable, and remember that the fact that it’s free does not mean it is low-quality. Optimizing a site for search using free directories […]

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Lawyer Infographics as Link Bait

Sometimes link building is about getting people to naturally link to your content.  In a previous post on link building tactics , we touched on the concept of building an infographic as link bait but we didn’t really elaborate on a strategy to do that.  This post is all about how to make an infographic […]

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Law Firm Link Bait: Creating a High-Quality Legal Glossary

A core tenet of inbound marketing1 is creating content that is useful to your market in order to draw them in. Content should build trust and establish you as an authority in your practice area. One way to do it well is by creating a comprehensive legal dictionary for your audience. Knowledge-Based Services Work Well […]

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SEO Link Acquisition: Piggyback Link Building

Sometimes the easiest path to success is to follow what others have done.  Links are an incredibly powerful ranking factor in search so it should follow that acquiring links your competitors have should improve your own ranking in search.  There are numerous link building strategies[1] and in this article we will show you how to […]

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The Ultimate List of Link Building Strategies for Lawyers

This might not be the end-all be-all list of link building strategies but it compiles a lot of the tactics we’ve mentioned before into one location.  Feel free to add your own tactics in the comments below.  I’ll try to update this from time to time. I. Guest Posting Guest posting has been in the […]

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Guest Blogging Tips for Lawyers

Regardless of your current opinion on guest blogging, it remains an effective method for link building, brand building and networking online. An attorney’s reputation is very important for the longevity of his or her firm, so there are a lot of pitfalls to avoid when collaborating with others. What should I be aware of if […]

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Should Attorneys Use Article Directories?

Article directories were once the silver bullet of the link-building and content-syndication world. They allowed SEOs (and anyone else) to build links to a website by writing one unique piece of content and submitting it to dozens of places online. That was many years ago, though, and the usefulness of article directories has pretty much […]

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Search Queries and Link Building Opportunities for Lawyers (Advanced SEO)

Link building (good link building) takes time and effort. Attorneys don’t always have the time to build high-quality links, so developing a strategy to create inbound links efficiently is even more important. Half the battle is finding good opportunities for linking. In general, you should find websites that are relevant to your practice area, that […]

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