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Lawyer Infographics as Link Bait

Sometimes link building is about getting people to naturally link to your content.  In a previous post on link building tactics , we touched on the concept of building an infographic as link bait but we didn’t really elaborate on a strategy to do that.  This post is all about how to make an infographic […]

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Law Firm Link Bait: Creating a High-Quality Legal Glossary

A core tenet of inbound marketing1 is creating content that is useful to your market in order to draw them in. Content should build trust and establish you as an authority in your practice area. One way to do it well is by creating a comprehensive legal dictionary for your audience. Knowledge-Based Services Work Well […]

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The Ultimate List of Link Building Strategies for Lawyers

This might not be the end-all be-all list of link building strategies but it compiles a lot of the tactics we’ve mentioned before into one location.  Feel free to add your own tactics in the comments below.  I’ll try to update this from time to time. Guest Posting Lawyer-specific Directories Practice Area Niche Directories Scholarship […]

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Law Firm Linkbait: How to Use Humor to Create Backlinks for Your Legal Website

Having a good mix of content on your blog helps to keep things fresh. The general rule should follow the consensus social media model, which is around 20% promotional and 80% non-promotional. Within that 80%, you can actually have a little fun with your content. Using humor is a great way to attract links to […]

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Law Firm Link Bait: How Attorneys can use Lists for SEO

A great, indirect way for attorneys to build links to their sites is to create content that others want to link to. People love it when there is a wealth of information and resources compiled in one place. Lists help people locate numerous options all at once, and they are also good resources to link […]

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