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Website Hosting for Law Firms

What is it? Website hosting is the service used to store the files that make up a website.  Web hosts may also be domain name registrars that ensure an attorney’s domain name points at the files that make up their website.  Hosts also may provide services like database creation and management, server maintenance, and support. […]

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Moving your Attorney Website Without Losing Rankings

URL structure and consistency is one of the most important elements of your website especially if it’s aged.  Your site’s URLs represent the location of your content on the web and if those change, people can no longer find your content, your traffic takes a nose dive and you miss out on potential clients.  If […]

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How To Start A Law Firm Website For Less Than $100

It used to be that building a website was a highly technical process that required a lot of specialized skill.  For the most part that is still true but attorneys can set up a basic website where they can blog, add pages and images, set up a contact form and begin promoting their firm online […]

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Choosing a Website Hosting Provider for Your Law Firm

Choosing a law firm web host1 is a key part of building a website. Even though it seems like one of the less exciting or less important parts of the process, making a bad choice can screw things up for your online marketing. Most hosting is a commodity at this point, but lawyers should still make sure […]

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