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Content Umbrellas for Lawyers

Optimizing a site for search involves a lot of tasks, but one of the most misunderstood is the practice of organizing content into logical segments under a main umbrella. Writing under a main umbrella not only helps users find content more easily but it helps Google and other search engines organize and find content more […]

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9 Content Development Tips for Lawyers

Content is an extremely important component of any online marketing effort.  It can influence the reasons users come to a website, it impacts a website’s presence in search and forms the foundation of all the other marketing efforts for a law firm.  For lawyers in particular, content needs to be well crafted and written by […]

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How Lawyers Can Avoid Duplicate Content

It may come as a surprise but Google rarely penalizes websites directly1 for having duplicate content.  The danger lies in search engines not indexing content they think is already available in the index.  If Google feels that there is content substantially the same as something more authoritative or more aged that is has in its […]

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How to Start An Attorney Blog In 4 Easy Steps

Step #1 Claim Your Attorney Domain Your domain is important because it conveys to your audience what you’re all about and it’s helpful for branding.  A domain name should reflect either what your brand is or what it is that you do.  For most attorneys this could be a practice area or the name of […]

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Elements of a Good Blog Post

Once you have nailed down a content strategy for your blog, there is still the matter of what your blog will look like once you start posting content. Publishing on the web carries with it a lot of caveats. Not only do you have to be helpful to your audience, you also have to publish […]

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Developing a Content Strategy for Attorneys

Most of the time I see two different themes for legal blogs which are either news-based or informative. News based is typically content around what’s happening in the attorney’s practice area or industry in general. Informational blogs typically contain advice on matters specific to the attorney’s practice area. For business blogging, there really isn’t a […]

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GEO-Targeted Pages for Local Law Firm SEO

Say you are in a large, metropolitan area, but there are other locations nearby that you want to target. You have to create geo-targeted pages with location-specific keywords. The SEO strategy for your firm will be modeled after how you do business. For law firms with multiple offices in different cities, optimizing web pages with […]

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How To Blog Successfully: Interview with Courtney Tuttle

It is a privilege to be able to work with someone you have looked up to for advice. For me, that person is +Court Tuttle of +The Blog Builders at I learned internet marketing from his resources at the The Keyword Academy several years ago. Fast-forward to this year: I decided to launch Attorney Rankings, and […]

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Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers – Interview with Shawn Manaher

It isn’t often you get the chance to hear candid answers from a content development professional who is already generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in the content marketing business. Today +Shawn Manaher of The Content Authority provides his no-nonsense opinion on developing content for a website in order to generate revenue. 1. What kind […]

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How To Start A BLAWg

Starting a blog is a great way to get prospects interested in your brand and your website online. It allows you to target a broader range of keywords for search and establishes you as a thought leader and helpful member of a local community. Starting a law blog or BLAWg can be a tricky process […]

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Dealing with Comment Spam for Attorneys

Conversation on a blog is one of the best phenomenon for promoting your attorney brand. A spirited discussion adds new user-generated content to your website and enhances its performance in search. Unfortunately there tons of spammers out there that clog up websites with useless comments about knock-off handbags and running shoes. At, we hate […]

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