AdWords for Law Firms: Building An SEO Keyword Strategy

Aaron Opfell on January 2017

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According to a Google Consumer Survey published in 20131, 96% of customers use a search engine to find legal services.  This explains why many top law firms rely on organic search engine optimization

AdWords for law firms is fairly prevalent but translating the data that those campaigns generate to an actionable SEO campaign is not something many lawyers do.

Few of these firms realize that putting an SEO strategy2 in place is only one part of ranking in search results pages.

If you don’t maximize the keywords you want to target for SEO in paid search like Bing and AdWords, your law firm will miss a huge coverage opportunity.

Properly implemented website optimization techniques have the potential to usher in a huge volume of leads for your law firm.

Those leads, however, will not appear overnight. To achieve this result, it is necessary to work on increasing website traffic before pulling in high quality leads.

Using a strong AdWords campaign can drive your firm’s search engine optimization strategy. An AdWords campaign puts your PPC on track, and makes your SEO even more effective.

Can you imagine the potential when they all converge?

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising platform that allows you to display ads by paying for them on a pay-per-click basis. More than putting your PPC on track, AdWords also makes your SEO campaigns more effective by leveraging your keyword strategy.

Before you get started, you must first identify the best set of keywords to use for promoting your firm’s services online. This is where the value of a strong AdWords campaign comes in. 

Here are some things to consider about how AdWords can work with your SEO.

AdWords for Law Firms: Setting Keyword Strategy.

AdWords helps marketers gain significant insights about the customers whom the law firms want to reach. Marketers can use this data as the foundation on which to design both their SEO strategies.

By using AdWords, marketers and AdWords consultants can develop a clearer understanding of the keywords that they will use in the SEO strategy, like how frequently the search terms were used, how competitive they are, and their average price for bidding.

AdWords for Law Firms: Assess Keyword Strength with Ad Data

Running your search terms on AdWords to filter the group that your customers search for the most is one thing. But equally important is knowing if these keywords belong in your campaign.

Finding search terms in adwords

Creating your lawyer ads on AdWords and testing them will help you find out for sure. A campaign that yields positive results is a good sign—it means you can continue to use the same keywords in your SEO strategy.

Remarkably Accurate Reporting

It would waste time and effort to go full swing on an SEO campaign that focuses on an ineffective set of keywords.

While keyword research can easily determine the popularity of your list of search terms, search volume alone does not make your keywords the best fit for your strategy.

Adwords reporting

By using AdWords and making use of the detailed tracking and monitoring that it offers for your search campaigns, you can judge your campaign’s effectiveness. Remarkably accurate reporting can give you a deeper understanding of the progress of your campaigns.

Analyze, Implement, Repeat

Working in adwordsLast but not least, the campaigns you run on AdWords are not set in stone. You can still change them and make adjustments based on the progress you noticed in the reports.

If your search campaign went well, adopting the same keywords will likely result in satisfactory SEO outcomes. Otherwise, don’t go full swing on your SEO strategy just yet.

Search engine optimization plays a big role in increasing your traffic, your conversions, and your ROI.

If your campaigns don’t work, there’s probably something wrong with your strategy.  Could it be that the SEO specialists you engaged lacked knowledge about what works in the legal niche? Are they targeting the wrong set of keywords? 

You won’t know for sure unless you allow the experts to come in and take a look at your SEO report and the strategy that comes along with it.

Keep in mind that regardless of your firm’s size, structure, and specialization, a well-devised AdWords strategy is indispensable in driving large volumes of traffic to your business.

If you want your SEO campaigns to yield exceptional results, you have to decide to put Google AdWords at the core of your search engine optimization keyword strategy.

If you are not happy with your current turnout, now is the best time to engage AdWords consultants from a digital marketing agency that knows the ins and outs of the legal niche and are capable of bridging the gap between AdWords and an effective keyword strategy for SEO.

About Aaron

Aaron Opfell is the founder and CEO of SearcherMagnet, a full-service digital marketing agency based in Sacramento. Aaron is a passionate marketer and innovator who learned the ropes to SEO, PPC, and content marketing all on his own. Aaron also wrote Click Into Lead: Strategies for Internet Lead Generation3 in 2014.

Click here to find out what Aaron has to say about AdWords4.



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