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Todd Stager is’s Director of Strategy. The foundation for his unique genius was laid early. While working as a Carny as a young teenager, Todd got a raw and vivid picture of what compels people to push the go-button on spending cash.

His acute analytical skills were further confirmed when he served as a Military Analyst while finding himself, still unsure of the ultimate dream.

Enter the internet. Todd understood Search Engine Optimization before the industry even came up with a term for it. He mastered every aspect of SEO when entrepreneurs were essentially inventing it, self-training, adding parts to it as they went along.

He quickly figured out how to be paid to drive traffic to a range of online businesses. Naturally he acquired several domain names of his own, and drove those to the top spot on search results.

He’s excelled in the online marketplace regardless of the industry or product. He’s sold travel, boats, mortgage applications, custom-embroidered hats, seasonal holiday decor, and jewelry. He designed, and acquired the patent for, a pain-relief wrist support to treat carpel tunnel syndrome.

He propelled numerous products and services to the first page of Yahoo long before Google was the search giant, and many of his projects continue to thrive today despite the explosive influx of competition and years of having to navigate the import challenges and legal battles that were inevitable when online trade still lacked clear protocols.

Now, he’s the veteran in the room, a perfect complement to the talented new generation of SEO professionals who excel in various areas uniquely, because of how vast it’s all become. He evaluates online business presence holistically.

He leads the harmonious merging of specialties, and brings it all together cohesively and to the immense benefit of all. Invaluable to and their clients, Todd embraces advancements in SEO while bringing the team-thinking back to the basic, fundamental principles of search engine behaviors, and repairing online platforms from the inside out so they deliver on what the search engines and visitors are looking for.

He’s managed to stay behind the curtain, and enjoys nothing more than taking apart the backend of a company’s web efforts, and putting them back together on the strength of his keen observations of what the majority of them do wrong.

This is who Todd is. He lives off the grid and reaps what he sows. He has a deep respect for Mother Nature, for human nature, and for the universal balance that brings us the opportunities we attract through our behaviors and habits.

He pays attention to the finite details that are often overlooked and have monumental consequences. For his clients, those consequences are measurably positive.

Digital Marketing Certifications

Advanced Google Analytics Certification
License 101141172969297232688

AdWords Search Certification
License 101141172969297232688

Inbound Marketing Certification
Certification Date May 2018 – Jun 2020

Todd Stager

Director, Strategy

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