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Attorney Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves strategies, techniques and tactics that help attract more prospective clients to a law firm website by obtaining first page ranking positions in search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…). specializes in SEO for lawyers.

The Attorney Rankings System™ is a proven SEO method for law firms that gets tangible and long-lasting results for our clients. Our methodical and systematic approach starts with a comprehensive audit followed by detailed scrutiny and optimization of onsite SEO, content, offsite SEO and link-building. has provided SEO services for lawyers and law firms in extremely competitive markets. Our system ensures best practices for onsite and local SEO and valuable exposure to hundreds of different law-related websites.

The methods we use for ranking attorney websites is unique among SEO companies.  Our aggressive, holistic approach has earned us recognition as one of the best law-firm SEO companies in our industry. understands the legal industry and what it takes to be the best. Our goal is to help lawyers achieve the rankings, leads and revenue growth they expect from their website.

SEO tools for lawyers used in SEO audits SEO Tools used: Ahrefs, SEMrush, Magestic SEO

1. Law Firm SEO Audit & Discovery

During our SEO Audit & Discovery process, we work to understand your firm’s goals and objectives in detail.  Our SEO audit services are used to assess a firm’s existing digital assets to see what’s working and what needs improvement.

In other words, we put your website and digital presence under a magnifying glass. An audit creates the foundation for all the other SEO work done on your website.

An onsite seo tool for analysis SEO Tools used: Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Page Speed Insights, etc

2. On-site SEO for Lawyers

A firm’s website is at the core of their success in search marketing. The Attorney Rankings SystemTM ensures that your site is built to rank well in search.  We optimize multiple elements of your website to give it the best possible chance to rank well for your keyword phrases.

We cover everything from title tags, headers, web copy, meta descriptions and URLs to more technical aspects like attorney schema and internal linking. Our onsite SEO guarantees a solid footing that allows everything else we do outside your site to be successful.

Common directories used in local seo *all content written by licensed attorneys

3. Legal Content Writing / Social Media

Well-written content is the cornerstone of a good web presence, but not anyone can write for lawyers. All of our content is written by experienced, licensed attorneys and is syndicated on hundreds of social media properties.

We also curate your content on for maximum brand exposure. We create and optimize law-firm social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and over 60 other top-tier social media networks.

Local SEO badges SEO Tools used: Yext, Four Square

4. Local SEO for Attorneys

Our attention to local SEO means you’ll be seen by people in your local geographic region who are searching for legal services you provide. We submit your firm’s business information and website to hundreds of the most authoritative local website directories.

We use citation tools like Yext to build consistent citations across the Internet. We also implement other location-based search strategies, including local link-building, attorney-specific address schema and location-specific keyword optimization.

Local legal directories for local SEO Directories like:, Lawyer Legion, Avvo, etc...

5. Link Building Services

Links are the most common differentiator among sites that rank well and those that do not. No one earns links for lawyers better than Our white-hat link-building services are at the forefront of the SEO industry.

We offer our clients unique campaigns that generate links from the most authoritative websites in the industry, and we do it in a way that promotes authority, longevity and a stellar reputation for your firm.

SEO Tools used: SEMRush, Google Analytics

6. SEO Reporting

SEO reporting can be confusing and hard to understand. We use cutting-edge analytics platforms to provide you with accurate, up-to-date and easy to understand metrics about how your firm is doing in search.

We use a variety of sources for reporting the success of SEO campaigns. Our reporting is transparent, understandable and detailed to give you confidence that your search marketing investment is working for you.

Scholarship .edu SEO Campaign

Check out our scholarship campaign for link building case study featured on the Moz Blog!


Manual Penalty Removal

Read how we were able to restore one lawyer’s website after an experience with toxic links.


How to Use Your Practice to Rank #1 in Search

During the discovery process we figure out all of the online assets you already have that can be used to your advantage in search.  Everything from your firm’s physical location and social media accounts to your membership in legal-related associations is leveraged.

As a respected member of the legal community, you have powerful assets at your disposal.  We pull together all those assets to use as leverage in one comprehensive document.  This is the first step in designing your custom SEO campaign.

Chris Dreyer SEO Consultant

“Submitting your law firm to legal directories like Avvo, Justia and Findlaw can significantly boost your presence in search because these sites consistently rank on the first page of Google. These sites are authoritative to search engines and trusted by searchers.”
~ Chris Dreyer, CEO & Director of SEO

Directory listings on page one of google

All of those assets can be used for things like consistent contact information on the internet, links, social proof for your site, vehicles for guest posting and much more.

Throughout the first week, our SEO specialists work one-on-one with you or a member of your firm to get all hosting, social media, website, directory profile, and other login credentials. Much of this information is captured in our discovery documentation which streamlines the process of starting SEO work on your site.

We use social profiles, directories, professional organizations, your website (or sites), external blogs, your professional status as a lawyer, your practice areas, and many other assets to promote you and your firm on the internet.

It’s no secret that as an attorney, you may be subject to bar regulations related to advertising.  We work with many attorneys, and we are adept at crafting campaigns that succeed within state bar frameworks.

How to Get More Clients by Optimizing Your Website

On-site SEO is all about the structural and content improvements you can make to your website to make it rank better in search.  That process starts with figuring out what keywords you need to be going after to bring in the kinds of cases you want.

We start by doing keyword research, which means analyzing what phrases people are using to find your legal services.  We look for terms that people are using a lot but that not many attorneys in your practice area are trying to rank for.
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Once we know which terms to go after, we make sure those phrases are used in strategic areas of your website.  For example, we include them in content, in page titles, in the headings of content and in URLs, to name just a few.

Another way we optimize client sites is by adding structured data markup.  That’s a fancy way of saying we make your content more understandable to search engines so that your critical contact information shows up more prominently in search results.  That’s really important for local searchers who are trying to find an attorney to contact.

Other important changes we make include organizing your pages so that they are in logical places on your website.  We also take steps to improve the experience visitors have when they come to your website.  It may not seem like it, but making your site easy to use sends positive signals to Google.

Below is a brief overview of the on-site or on-page elements we optimize on your site:

How to Grow Your Firm with Legal Content Writing and Social Media

It’s hard to find enough time to run your firm, so forget about writing blog posts and syndicating content on social networks.  You’re not an SEO; you’re a lawyer, and practicing law is what you do best.

It may seem counter intuitive, but you can get more leads and clients by generating helpful, well-researched, and informative content.

We can take that content generation off your hands and grow the authority of your firm online at the same time.  Just think of it: You’ll have a team of JDs generating content to make your firm look like a superstar in your practice area all over the internet.

SEO content syndication sites for lawyers

Your potential clients will be mesmerized by your legal expertise, and your competitors will wonder how you’re doing it.

We know you’re busy practicing law and that you are the person who knows your firm best.  That’s why our SEO specialists work closely with you to create or gain access to social accounts, develop content strategies, and syndicate your content all over the internet.

How Local SEO Can Get You the Cases You Want

Local search holds special relevance for lawyers because they serve local geographic regions.  There is only so much space in local results for attorneys, so every little bit helps when it comes to local optimization.

Chris Dreyer SEO Consultant

“Claiming and optimizing your GMB (Google My Business) profile is one of the most impactful things lawyers can do in search. Add images, add your practice area, add your hours of operation, and most importantly; focus on getting reviews.”
~ Chris Dreyer, CEO & Director of SEO

The local 3 pack using SEO for lawyers See how got Stewart Guss to the number one position for Houston personal injury lawyer

The SEO specialists at are experts at local SEO.  Here are some of the things we do for our clients to make them rank well in local search:

  • We set up profiles on Google My Business, Bing Business Listings, Yahoo, and other top-tier directories. We fill out profiles completely with content, images, and useful information about your firm for users.
  • We create hundreds of citations across the internet with consistent name, address, and phone number information for your firm.
  • We make location-specific pages for your firm to help it rank for location-specific phrases.
  • We use attorney-specific schema markup on your content so that search engines can more easily interpret and display it in search.
  • We acquire links from local sources like and other high-quality local sites.
  • If your state bar association allows, we help you design and implement a campaign to get reviews on your GMB profile as well as on your website.
  • We submit your site to top local directories.

How to Earn Page One Rankings with Links

Links are the No. 1 ranking factor in search.  All else being equal, the site with the highest quantity and quality of links pointing at its domain will outrank its competition in search.  Acquiring links from reputable sources can be challenging, but it’s achievable with some creativity and hard work.  Here are some of the strategies we employ for our clients:

  • Guest Posting: Writing content and getting other people to post it on their sites is a good way to get high-quality links to your site. io content strategists help our clients find viable guest posting opportunities around the internet and within their own spheres of influence.
  • Lawyer-Specific Directories: Contextually relevant links are huge for SEO, and lawyers can find them on legal-specific directories. We submit client sites to 100-plus high-quality, legal-specific directories on the internet.  These include broad legal-related directories as well as practice-area niche directories.
  • Scholarship Programs: Links from .edu sites tend to be authoritative, and we are unmatched in our ability to land links on educational domains through the use of our scholarship campaign. We have curated lists of hundreds of educational institutions across the United States that we help our clients pitch their scholarships to.
  • Social Media Link Building: We get your audience to engage with you on prominent social media networks by sharing your well-crafted content. By syndicating content on sites like, we can generate highly authoritative “dofollow” links to your site.
  • Local Directory Link Building: There are many local directories with high Domain Rating where attorneys can have a presence. We’ve curated a list of hundreds of the best local directories that are all DR 40 and up.
  • Infographic Link Building: Infographics are a great way to engage people online and get them to share your content. We help our clients submit to dozens of high Domain Rating infographic directories.
  • Blogging: An off-site blog is an easy way to get a link to your main website. You should have a blog on your own domain too.  Create an account on or and post content on a regular basis that links back to your main domain.
  • High DR Directories: Directories with a high Domain Rating are another good source of high-quality links. We claim directories on top sites like, Justia, and Avvo.  We also create opportunities for off-site blogging on sites like Tumblr.
  • Press Release Link Building: We help clients disseminate press release information through popular networks like PRWeb, PRBuzz, and others. While press releases are not a strong source of links, they are great for balancing out a link profile and earning brand exposure.

Open and continuous communication on your SEO success is one of our priorities.  We understand how vital the investment you’ve made in your site is, and we provide accurate and timely reporting so you can see how that investment is paying off.

Here are some of the platforms we set up your site in for long-term SEO campaign reporting:

  • Install and/or properly configure Google Analytics
  • Install and/or properly configure Google Search Console

Other platforms from which we extract and manipulate data:

Routine weekly reporting on SEO campaigns is a cornerstone of our process with clients.  You can expect to see frequent and transparent reporting on how your SEO investment is working for you. We understand that not all SEO firms online are reputable, so open, clear, and continuous communication about your success is our goal.You don’t have to earn any special degrees or designations to be an SEO.  All a person has to do is create a flashy website and claim he or she is the best SEO in the business.  How do lawyers tell the difference?

Our SEO specialists work one-on-one with you or a member of your firm to provide consistent reporting on your SEO campaign progress.  You shouldn’t be left wondering if your SEO campaign is working or when you will get a report.

Do you need help with your law firm’s SEO?  Contact us today to request a consultation with one of our SEO specialists.

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